Everyman Reports Exceptional Experiences with CIELO and Bell Theatre Services

One year ago, Everyman Cinemas selected CIELO as their monitoring platform, deploying CIELO Cinema Enterprise and Command technology in the operations for the London-based Everyman Cinemas. Everyman reports that CIELO, along with BTS (Bell Theatre Services), has enhanced operations and improved customer experiences. By selecting CIELO as the monitoring platform, BTS has been able to offer Everyman Cinemas a tailored set of tools to optimize its operations and improve its margins. BTS solutions and services have helped Everyman Cinemas adopt CIELO solutions, providing the technical support to ensure maximum uptime.

Early this year Everyman Media Group reported a positive outlook for 2023, with EBITDA up 74.7% and ahead of market expectations. Chief Executive Officer Alex Scrimgeour has focused his strategy on affordability and service, which BTS and CIELO have helped with on both fronts over the past 15 months. After one year of implementing CIELO, BTS enables Everyman to take a more proactive approach to identify and address issues in cinema operations before they become major problems.

“Since we introduced CIELO, the impact of the notification system has been great”, said Nick Davey, the head of technical support and operations at Everyman, “I can’t count the number of shows we’ve saved from flagging hardware issues early.”

“CIELO has dramatically improved our response time and helped us prevent show losses. We have also built an extensive database of issues and equipment, this has helped us identify patterns of behavior and provide solutions. CIELO has fast become a daily used tool for all our engineers,” said Paul Oliver, the director of operations at Bell Theatre.

“Bell Theatre has been an extraordinary partner for CIELO. Bell Theatre has driven us forward and pushed our technology to the next level by listening to Everyman’s needs and priorities. In a very short period of time we have been able to optimize support to Everyman making Everyman’s operations more efficient, saving them money and increasing customer experience. This has enabled Everyman to become the high quality entertainment player they planned to be,” said Rafael Garzon, the vice president of customer growth at CIELO.

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