Facebook Watch – ‘Ouija’ Doubles Down

Ouija continued to open eyes over the last week on Facebook, increasing another 232k likes to just over 1 million. With just under two weeks from release it has become the current hot ticket on Facebook for the better part of the last two weeks. By comparison, Annabelle had ~1.3 million likes the same distance before its release. With Dracula Untold debuting with an estimated $23 million on the weekend to join Annabelle‘s $37 million opening earlier in October it would appear as though the month is indeed going to be one of the strongest ever as a whole for the genre. Given these numbers it would appear as though $20 million here is also a lock giving the scream-genre another much need win after a long drought in 2014.

Big franchise pages such as Ted, Fast & Furious, Avengers and Batman V Superman made up spots 2 through 5 but really given how massive those pages are already and that none of them increased more than 1% its nothing out of the ordinary.

The Book Of Life saw the biggest percentage increase on the day amongst all upcoming films on Facebook with a 54% hike to just under 60,000 likes. The film has struggled to generate much interest on Facebook and Twitter and considering that it is less than a week from release I have a sneaky suspicion that this is going to be a miss for Fox. Even The Legends Of Oz was double its Facebook numbers this close to release.

Lastly, the new trailer for Exodus: Gods And Kings was instrumental in building its Facebook base as it rose 43% to just under 37k likes. A low overall number yes but considering that it is two months from release and that is more than doubled its number since the end of September I’m liking its current trajectory. Noah was virtually identical at this same distance from release (38k likes), and seems to be a good marker for its potential come opening weekend.

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