Fathom Events’ Live Cinema Broadcast Network Expands to More Than 2,000 Screens


DENVER, CO, April 2, 2019 – Fathom Events’ live digital broadcast network, will reach 1,200 movie theaters by the end of 2019, bringing live event delivery capabilities to more than 2,000 cinema screens across the U.S. This expansion exemplifies the interest in and demand for event cinema by both existing and new exhibitor partners. At the completion of this expansion, Fathom Events will have more than 80 different theater partners in its proprietary network.

In 2018, Fathom added nearly 100 theaters with existing partners, including Fathom Events’ owners, AMC, Cinemark and Regal. In addition, over the last twelve months, the company added several new exhibitors to its network, including B&B Theatres, Epic Cinemas, Cleveland Cinemas, New Vision and The Villages.

Currently, Fathom’s network contains 1,010 total theaters, reaching 1,628 screens with 76 different exhibition partners. It has coverage in 182 Designated Market Areas (DMAs), including all top 100, with the addition of the Wichita DMA earlier this year.

“We are eager to build relationships with our new and current partners, changing the way attendees experience content at their theaters,” Fathom Events VP of Operations Lynne Schmidt said. “Fathom curates high-quality live and pre-recorded content across numerous genres, attracting new and passionate audiences who may not be moviegoers.”

“We are excited to begin a new chapter in our long relationship with Fathom Events,” said Joseph Masher, Bow Tie Cinemas Chief Operating Officer. “By installing the Fathom equipment, we will be offering our guests a wider variety of content including the Metropolitan Opera, TCM events, concerts and other dynamic programs.”

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