Ferrara Celebrates Jurassic World Dominion with Dino-Sized Candy Giveaway

Courtesy of Ferrara

In celebration of Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World Dominion, Ferrara is introducing Trolli Sour Tropical Dinos. The limited-edition release includes dinosaur shapes in tropical flavors such as mango-pineapple, yuzu-watermelon and strawberry-guava. Trolli Sour Tropical Dinos join dinosaur-inspired packaging on NERDS, SweeTARTS and Black Forest candies.

Candy lovers who buy three of the specially marked Jurassic World Dominion packs can redeem a $5 movie reward with Fandango or Vudu. One lucky entrant will also receive the chance to win a Dilophosaurus’ weight in candy (880 pounds). Ten first-prize winners will win a Velociraptor’s weight in candy (100 pounds), while 65 second-prize winners will be entered to win a Compsognathus’ weight in candy (6 pounds).

“The Jurassic World series is one of the most iconic franchises in movie history, and I’ve been a big fan. I remember both the excitement and fear I felt in the theater watching the original back in 1993,” said Greg Guidotti, chief marketing officer at Ferrara. “At Ferrara, we’re closely tapped into our consumers and to what’s generating excitement among candy lovers today. We know that people will want to share these fun, Dino-inspired candies with friends and family before they go extinct.”

For full details, visit www.ferrarausa.com/SweetSummer

Courtesy of Ferrara

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