GDC and Cinemeccanica Announce Signing of a Reseller Agreement


GDC Technology Ltd., a global provider of digital solutions, and Cinemeccanica SPA, a leading European digital cinema integrator, announced today they have signed a non-exclusive reseller agreement for Cinemeccanica to market and sell the newly launched Espedeo Supra-5000 RGB Plus laser phosphor cinema projector to its partners and customers across Europe.

As part of this agreement, Cinemeccanica will provide technical expertise and after-sales service for Supra-5000. Cinemeccanica, located in Milan, Italy — and Cinemeccanica France, a subsidiary, located in the Paris region — will offer the full range of Espedeo products, including the VM-1140 VESA ceiling mount and the Espedeo PM-2000B Polarized 3D system , to customers throughout Europe.

The Supra-5000 is the first cinema projector to use GDC’s ‘All-in-One Board’ which integrates the media server, Integrated Cinema Processor [ICP] and DMD (DLP chip) formatter board on a single board, allowing the projector to be the smallest, lightest and quietest DCI-compliant laser projector available today. The projector received the 2020 Red Dot Award in the category of “TV and Home Entertainment” and recently won the “Best of Show” award at Projection Expo 2021, Residential Systems “Best of Show,” and two “Best of Show” awards at CEDIA Expo 2021.

“Since 1920, Cinemeccanica has been an extremely well respected and long-standing leader within the space of cinema projection. They understand the importance of continuing to develop cinema projection technology and sound equipment,” GDC Technology Limited founder, chairman and CEO Man-Nang Chong said. “We at GDC have long admired their continuous innovations and ability to stay focused and relevant in the changing world of technology. This agreement is of high importance to GDC. Supra-5000 must be handled through the correct channels to maintain quality of installation, setup, and maintenance. Cinemeccanica provides us and our customers a high quality sales team and excellent customer service. We look forward to working with them to bring this, and more technologies into the European market.”

“The Supra-5000 is a truly stunning new technology that combines the most important factor of beautiful cinematic image quality with features that no other technology can provide in the market. Its uniquely compact form-factor, whisper-quiet operating noise level, and a range of onboard features make the projector a peerless product that fits the needs of many of our customers today,” Cinemeccanica CEO Massimo Riva said. “We all know GDC Technology for their market-leading IMBs and we are thrilled to see them enter the projection market with this unique product that can truly help revolutionise how and where cinemas can operate. We are proud to sell and maintain this, and other GDC products covered in this agreement. We cannot wait to show to our existing and future customers in Europe.”

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