GLOBAL REPORT: Tenet Ticks Past $250M Globally, Eases Just 26 Percent Domestically, Tops Dunkirk & Interstellar Starts in Japan (Updated)

Photo Credits: Hoyte van Hoytema & Warner Bros. ("Tenet"), dir. Christopher Nolan

Tuesday, September 21: With weekend actuals, Warner Bros. updated late Monday that Tenet slightly beat Sunday’s estimates. The film pulled $25.3 million from 54 overseas markets, representing a 35 percent drop in holdover countries (just 29 percent when excluding China).

The international total stands at $215 million, sending the global tally to $251 million.

Sunday, September 20: Warner Bros. updates this morning with a report that Tenet will eclipse the $250 million global box office threshold by Sunday’s end, earning an estimated $29.7 million from 52 markets this weekend.

Domestically, where an estimated 73 to 74 percent of the market is open, the Christopher Nolan film posted another strong hold with $4.7 million in its third wide release frame — just a 26 percent decline from last weekend, according to Warner Bros, suggested the previous frame actually rang up $6.35 million instead of the previously estimated $6.7 million. That brings the North American total to $36.1 million as the film remains atop the box office.

The film also generated a strong debut in Japan, where its $4.3 million opening weekend topped Dunkirk and Interstellar as the biggest Nolan and Warner Bros. starts ever in the country, despite capacity restrictions around 50 percent.

Tenet‘s top market from a global perspective, China, added $5.6 million this weekend, bringing the film’s local cume to $60.6 million in the Middle Kingdom.

Key domestic highlights from the studio include:

  • As new markets and theaters become available, theater counts continue to increase. Overall, additional locations picked up since the Labor Day opening weekend account for approximately 13 percent of the weekend total. Note: approximately 27 percent of the Domestic marketplace is not open, including most of Los Angeles, as well as the key New York and San Francisco areas.

  • Where open, the greater Los Angeles/Orange County market continues to dominate: three of the top five, and five out of the top ten Domestic locations came out of the Greater LA/Orange County area, with many locations showing increases in their week-over-week totals.

  • While California overall is still primarily closed (approximately 80 percent), the regions that are open continue to show great promise as well. Including locations in the open regions of Northern California as well as San Diego, six of the ten top theatres and ten of the top twenty theaters came out of California.

  • The top ten locations this weekend are:  1. AMC Block Orange, 2. Paramount Drive-In Los Angeles, 3. Regal Irvine Spectrum, 4. Alamo Drafthouse Loudoun (Washington, D.C.), 5. Sacramento Drive-In, 6. Cinemark Huntington Beach Bella Terra, 7. Five Drive-In Toronto, 8. AMC Tustin, 9. Stardust Drive-In Toronto, 10. AMC Tysons Corner (Washington, D.C.).

  • The top ten DMA markets are: 1. Orange County/Greater Los Angeles, 2. Dallas, 3. Toronto, 4. Salt Lake City, 5. Phoenix, 6. Chicago, 7. Greater New York Metro area (New Jersey and Connecticut theatres), 8. Houston, 9. Atlanta, 10. San Diego.

  • Where all markets are open, Canada continues to perform strongly with a 14 percent drop versus last weekend. It represents approximately 14 percent of the gross this weekend.  Note: Canada opened the week before the U.S.

  • The upcharge premium formats continue to represent a large portion of the gross, led by IMAX, PLF/Premium Large Formats, and Dolby Cinema.

Tenet‘s International Highlights

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. notes the following performances standing out among Tenet‘s non-domestic markets:

  • Japan opened very strongly to $4.3 million, which was ahead of both Dunkirk and Interstellar for the three-day opening weekend. IMAX screens accounted for a 27 percent market share, and other premium formats also performed very well. Japan enters their Silver Week holiday this week and results are expected to be very good through the week.

  • Mexico, with 88 percent of the market now re-opened, was a clear number one at the box office with $850,000 for the weekend. This is the first market in the Latin American region to open the film and, as in other countries, a long playout is expected for the film.

  • Holds across the board this weekend were excellent, especially on Saturday where drops were minimal: France ( down 14 percent), Germany (down 25 percent), Italy (down 24 percent), Russia ( down 28 percent), Spain (down 11 percent), UK (down 35 percent) and Korea (down 26 percent). As Warner Bros. has continually noted, and as these numbers clearly indicate, the film’s run is a marathon and not a sprint.

  • The IMAX results continue to be very strong internationally representing $3.5 million this weekend, or 14 percent of the international total.

  • Tenet still has 25 international markets yet to release the film, including all of Latin America, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. These markets will release once cinemas re-open in each respective country.

Tenet‘s IMAX Notes

With Japan’s strong launch included, Tenet added $4 million from IMAX theaters around the world this weekend, marking a slim 5 percent decline from last weekend. IMAX is currently representing 13.3 percent of the overall weekend total on the film. To date, the company’s screens have accounted for $28 million of the film’s box office haul, 11.2 percent of the global tally.

In Japan, the film earned a $30K per-theater average with $1.15 million from just 38 IMAX screens. Those represented 27 percent of the film’s overall gross in the country.

Internationally, Tenet earned $3.5 million this weekend from 782 IMAX screens — giving the company an overseas cume of $23.4 million from the film. Excellent holds included EMEA (down 24 percent), Asia/Pacific (down 32 percent excluding Japan), Hong Kong (down 13 percent), Switzerland (up 3 percent), Belgium (down 2 percent), Sweden (down 1 percent), Saudi Arabia (down 8 percent), South Korea (down 15 percent), France (down 17 percent), Russia (down 19 percent), Italy (down 21 percent), and Germany (down 22 percent).

China added $700K in IMAX for a cume of $9.2 million.

In North America, Tenet‘s IMAX footprint added $505K from 293 screens this weekend, down just 24 percent from last weekend. The format’s cume on the title is $4.6 million domestically, nearly 13 percent of the domestic box office tally.

With Los Angeles and New York still closed, the top three domestic IMAX plays this weekend came from Orange County: Regal Irvine Spectrum, AMC The Block in Orange, and Regal Yorba Linda.

Tenet‘s Weekend Cumes

Territory WK # WKND BO WKND BO Drop % Screens Cume Cume WKND Rank
    (LC) (USD)     (LC) (USD)  
3 CNY 38.2m $5.6m -0.46 7670 CNY 414.6m $60.6m 3
Domestic (U.S./Canada) 2 $4.7m $4.7m -0.26 2,930 (locations) $36.1m $36.1m 1
Japan 1 ¥452.5m $4.3m   488 ¥452.5m $4.3m 1
Russia 3 RBL 120.0m $1.6m -0.25 1904 RBL 615.7m $8.2m 2
Hong Kong 2 HK$ 11.7m $1.5m -0.22 130 HK$ 31.9m $4.1m 1
France 4 €1.2m $1.4m -0.22 927 €13.1m $15.6m 1

Tenet‘s Global Cumes through Sunday

Territory Cume Cume
CNY 414.6m $60.6m
Domestic (U.S./Canada) $36.1m $36.1m
United Kingdom £13.9m $18.2m
France €13.1m $15.6m
Germany €10.9m $12.9m
Korea Won 14.1b $11.9m
Taiwan NT$ 286.8m $9.8m
Russia RBL 615.7m $8.2m
Spain €6.2m $7.3m
Italy €5.5m $6.6m
Australia A$8.9m $6.4m
Holland €5.2m $6.2m
Saudi Arabia SAR18.0m $4.8m

Infidel Beats Expectations

Not to be overlooked this weekend is Cloudburst Entertainment’s Infidel, which handily beat pre-release expectations with a $1.5 million opening weekend in North America, taking third place in its debut.

The breakdown includes estimates of $530K on Friday, $530K on Saturday, and $440K on Sunday. The film is playing at 1,724 locations.

Mulan Reaches $57 Million Internationally

Disney updates this morning with fresh figures for Mulan as the live-action remake took in an estimated $10.9 million internationally this weekend. That brings the film’s cume to $57 million, including $36.2 million from China. In the Middle Kingdom, the film’s second weekend earned $6.5 million.

Mulan opened in Korea with an estimated $1.2 million four-day weekend, taking first place during the frame ahead of the country’s Chusok holiday.

The pic remains in first place in the Middle East, Malaysia, and Singapore. Strong holds include markets such as Poland (down 21 percent), Middle East (down 39 percent), and Russia (down 42 percent).

Mulan opens in Israel next weekend.

Key cumes:

Territories GBO
China $36.2M
Middle East $5.1M
Russia $3.5M
Thailand $2.7M
Taiwan $2.2M
Singapore $1.8M
Malaysia $1.4M
Korea $1.2M

The New Mutants Maintains Healthy Holds

Domestically, The New Mutants continued to display some staying power as moviegoing recovers at a slow-and-steady pace. The film is earning an estimated $1.6 million from 2,518 locations in North America this weekend, representing just a 23.4 percent drop from last weekend.

Internationally, Mutants added $2.0 million this weekend from 38 territories, giving the film a $3.6 million global weekend (down 39 percent from last weekend). Strong holds this week include Spain (down 19 percent), France (down 23 percent), and Germany (down 26 percent).

After opening in Ecuador this weekend, Mutants next eyes a release in Brazil (October 8) and Japan (November 27). China is slated but with no date announced yet.

Key cumes:

Territories GBO
France $2.6M
UK $1.7M
Mexico $1.6M
Spain $1.3M
Russia $1.0M

Unhinged Update

Solstice Studios’ Unhinged is adding an estimated $1.3 million this weekend, down just over 14 percent from last frame. The domestic total is now $15.71 million. The film is currently playing at 2,324 locations.

Photo Credits: Hoyte van Hoytema & Warner Bros. ("Tenet"), dir. Christopher Nolan