GLOBAL: ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Claims $265.3M Worldwide Debut

Transformers: The Last Knight took in $265.3 million in its Global debut, topping the North America ($45.3M Weekend / $69M Week) and Overseas ($196M) box office in a worldwide release that claimed the top spot in 40 of its 41 initial markets.

Paramount is reporting that this result is on par with the previous entry in the franchise,  Transformers: Age of Extinction, while representing the biggest debut in the series across markets such as China, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Turkey.

Top performers, per the studio, are listed below:

  • China opened at #1 grossing $123.4M at 7,200 locations. This result is the biggest Transformers opening and 34% ahead of Transformers: Age of Extinction
  • Korea opened at #1 grossing $13.0M at 1,721 locations.
  • Russia opened at #1 grossing $8.9M at 1,251 locations.
  • United Kingdom opened at #1 grossing $5.7M at 576 locations.
  • Germany opened at #1 grossing $4.7M at 611 locations.
  • Taiwan opened at #1 grossing $4.1M at 88 locations.
  • Australia opened at #1 grossing $3.6M at 288 locations.
  • Philippines opened at #1 grossing $3.3M at 180 location.
  • Malaysia opened at #1 grossing $2.8M at 145 locations.
  • Thailand opened at #1 grossing $2.8M at 65 locations.
  • Hong Kong opened at #1 grossing $2.5M at 48 locations.
  • Singapore opened at #1 grossing $2.2M at 29 locations.
  • Italy opened at #1 grossing $1.9M at 402 locations.
  • Vietnam opened at #1 grossing $1.2M at 120 locations.
  • United Arab Emirates opened at #1 grossing $1.0M at 45 locations.
  • Ukraine opened at #1 grossing $745K at 166 locations. This result is the biggest Transformers opening and biggest all time Paramount opening.
  • New Zealand opened at #1 grossing $719K at 77 locations.
  • Netherlands opened at #1 grossing $716K at 113 locations.
  • Turkey opened at #1 grossing $703K at 358 locations. This result is the biggest Transformers opening.

The film has yet to open in several key markets, including France (June 28), Brazil (July 20), Mexico (July 21), Japan and Spain (August 4).

Premium formats helped the film extend its reach at the box office. RealD states the title generated 67% of its worldwide gross from 3D screenings, equalling roughly $178 million of its worldwide global haul. The highest 3D performers on the title include the Netherlands (100%), China (99%), Germany (86%), Russia (58%), and Hong Kong (41%). In the United States, 3D screenings accounted for 34% of the film’s $69 million opening week.

IMAX also had positive returns on the title, bringing in $24.3 million from 1,042 screens worldwide–the second biggest global IMAX debut for Paramount, behind the $26.7 million grossed by Transformers: Age of Extinction in the large screen format. China was responsible for $11.7 million of the IMAX take, making it the second biggest IMAX weekend bow of all time behind Fate of the Furious ($13.3M). The 5-day IMAX total in North America comes up to $7.6 million from 390 locations, including 16 of the top 20 domestic runs. There are 18 IMAX markets remaining on the schedule, including Japan, India, Mexico, and Brazil.

Transformers: The Last Knight registered a B+ Cinema Score, with audiences skewing 57% male and 51% age 25 and over.  Paramount is reporting the film’s budget at $217 million.

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