Harkness Screens Launches Ultra-High Gain Nova Screen

Image Courtesy of Harkness Screens


CINEMACON, LAS VEGAS, BOOTH #2201A, AUGUST 23RD 2021 — Harkness Screens the world’s leading screen technology company has announced the launch of its new ultra-high gain Nova screen.

A completely new surface coating, Nova technology creates an unrivalled viewing experience both in 3D and 2D. The in-built technology adds optical clarity and sharpness to images to help showcase movies as the Director intended. And like all of Harkness’ latest technologies, Nova integrates Nanolast technology providing durability to the screen designed to keep screens performing at their peak for as long as possible.

“Post COVID, audiences are returning to theaters and with an incredible slate of movies hitting the big screen, giving movie-goers an unforgettable experience is essential as our industry recovers. So, we’ve developed new Nova technology, our ultra-high gain 3D/2D screen to enable exhibitors to improve their presentation quality whilst in some cases reducing the operational, power and consumable costs often with lamp-based projectors,” explains Mark Ashcroft, CEO Harkness Screens.

Building on Harkness’ ground-breaking d-smooth technology, Nova technology goes a step further improving total reflected light on a smooth finish. This combination allows cinema operators to upgrade or replace their existing first generation 3D screens with a higher gain 3D/2D screen increasing peak brightness at the centre of the screen to be increased by as much as 28% against traditional first-generation polarized screens whilst not adversely impacting existing hot-spotting or uniformity.

Designed to work with all passive 3D systems and approved by 3D manufacturers, Nova screens guarantee a high extinction ratio thus helping to reduce the possibility of polarised 3D crosstalk, often referred to as ghosting from occurring in the light path.

Image Courtesy of Harkness Screens
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