Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions and Super 78 Launch Magic Screen, an Interactive Cinema Experience

DEAL OR NO DEAL -- Day 7- Game X -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Jeff Daly/CNBC). Photo Courtesy of NBC.

Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions and the experiential media studio Super 78 have partnered for the June launch of Magic Screen, an interactive cinema experience that allows audience members to address characters on screen. Magic Screen will be making its debut during Cinema Week, taking place from June 22 to 27, with a demo featuring the title character from Howie Mandel’s Bobby’s World animated series.

Magic Screen is supported by technology from Microsoft and NVIDIA, who are providing the technology that allows audience members to talk directly with characters on screen. The interactive, 3D rendered version of the Bobby character was built by the creative and technology team at Super 78 for their proprietary real-time animation system Geppetto.

”Whether it is the beloved character Bobby I created over 30 years ago or the incredible library of characters we will introduce in the months ahead, Magic Screen provides a unique and engaging experience for audiences on a huge screen with state-of-the-art sound and picture, something that you simply can’t get at home.” said Mandel.

“Nothing beats the energy that comes from my in-person interactions with audiences when I perform live,” he added. “Magic Screen will bring that experience to local movie theater audiences everywhere and Bobby will introduce a new era of in-theater programming to the world. I’m so excited to bring Bobby back in such a magical and innovative way.”

“The opportunity to partner with a creative innovator like Howie Mandel is a dream come true,” said Dina Benadon, Co-Founder and CEO of Los Angeles based Super 78 Studios. “In all his creative endeavors, Howie consistently demonstrates a masterful ability to entertain audiences and understands how immersive technology enhances the consumer experience. Our collaboration will bring the real-time animated theme park level shows we’ve been creating for decades to your local cinema.”

“I can’t overstate that this experience would not be possible without the support of our technology partners at Microsoft on the Azure and Surface teams,” added Brent Young, Co-Founder of Super 78. “We’ve been working with them to integrate their amazing technology into the Geppetto system and the addition of the latest NVIDIA GPUs over the Microsoft Azure Cloud will enable us to deliver content to theaters in truly innovative ways that wasn’t possible until recently.”

Magic Screen will be hosting an exclusive preview with Microsoft Azure and Super 78 at the MESA HITS conference on May 12th.

“The film exhibition business will require new business models and programming innovation on its road to recovery,” said Benadon. “Magic Screen is uniquely positioned to lead the pack, creating new revenue streams from live shows, interactive ads and trailers, immersive games and standup comedy events in multiple cities, all from one location, Howie’s production studio.”

DEAL OR NO DEAL -- Day 7- Game X -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Jeff Daly/CNBC). Photo Courtesy of NBC.
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