Leading Creative Studio Powster Becomes a Vista Group Company


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Vista Group International (‘Vista’) has acquired a 50% stake in London-based Powster and will support the growth of the company via its extensive portfolio of film industry software and wide-ranging customer relationships

 Auckland, New Zealand: London, United Kingdom and Las Vegas, NV; April 11th 2016; Vista Group International Ltd (‘Vista’) has announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Powster – an award-winning digital interactive and motion-graphics company providing unique and innovative film-specific marketing solutions to film studios both in the domestic USA market and internationally. Powster is based in London, United Kingdom.

Boasting numerous awards since being founded in 2009, Powster focuses on the entertainment industry by providing bespoke marketing concepts and creative builds, including marketing campaign capability, music videos, social media strategies and interactive content. For the film industry, Powster bridges a gap between distributors (studios) and exhibitors (cinemas) with its comprehensive range of movie-specific marketing tools, notably its movie ticketing platform where show times for a particular film are listed by territory. The ‘Powster Movie Platform’ is an integral part of movie marketing for over 40 film studios.

With the creative, film-focused talents of Powster joining Vista Group, the capability to deliver innovative digital marketing and operational solutions for distributors and exhibitors globally is significantly enhanced.  “To have the opportunity to work with Powster to realise these and other opportunities that ultimately enable Vista to offer new and improved technology solutions to our customers, is a development we’re delighted to announce”, said Murray Holdaway, Group Chief Executive of Vista. “Powster’s expertise in the management and manipulation of content directly benefitting our sector is proven and we love to partner with companies like Powster who share our passion for the movies and can enable us to add yet more value.”

“We’re excited by the opportunities the Vista Group brings to Powster and our customers”, said Ste Thompson, CEO, Powster. “This partnership reinforces Powster’s goal of being the world’s leading and most powerful tool for driving audiences to purchase cinema tickets.”

This new partnership aligns with Vista’s strategy of continuing to create a synergistic suite of technology solutions for the global film industry.  A key driver is the ability of the Group to enhance the value and diversity of services to the global sector and in so doing achieve new efficiencies and increased income for customers. The Powster agreement took effect on 31st March 2016.

About Powster

Powster (Powster Ltd), founded in 2009, is based in the United Kingdom. Powster provides film marketing products, music videos and creative content globally. Their platform is a global solution for movie distributors to drive audiences to purchase tickets at cinemas. Powster is a dynamic company with a wide-range of expertise across its fast-growing workforce.

Website: www.powster.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/powster

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/powster

 About Vista Group International

Vista Group International (Vista Group) is a public company, listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges (NZX & ASX: VGL). Vista Group provides cinema management, film distribution and customer analytics software to companies across the global film industry. Cinema management software is provided by Vista Entertainment Solutions, the core business of the Group. Movio (data analytics), Veezi (cloud-based SaaS software for the Independent Circuit Market), MACCS International (film distribution software), Numero (box office reporting software for film distributors and cinemas), and Cinema Intelligence by Share Dimension (business intelligence solutions), provide products that leverage the success of this platform into other parts of the film industry; from production and distribution, to cinema exhibition through to the moviegoer experience. Vista Group has over 400 staff across nine offices in New Zealand (Auckland headquarters), Sydney, Los Angeles, Dallas, London, the Netherlands (2), Romania and Shanghai. 

Website: www.vistagroup.co

Twitter: www.twitter.com/VistaCinema

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/vista-group-limited

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