Linking Compeso’s Ticketing System with Smart Pricer’s Dynamic Pricing Software


Berlin, Germany, November 29, 2016 – Compeso and Smart Pricer today announced the integration of Smart Pricer’s dynamic price optimization software with Compeso’s ticketing system (POS). This integration will allow a fully automated, real-time price optimization for exhibitors using Compeso’s system.

Smart Pricer’s software already has a proven track record of + 5 – 10% ticket revenue increase for exhibitors. The integration will bring numerous advantages for Compeso customers, especially in three main areas:

  1. Real-time pricing: The revenue optimal prices per show, that are based on the show’s demand forecast, its current bookings and the time until the show begins, are adjusted in real-time, instead of twice per day as before.
  2. Automation: The current 5 – 10 min manual effort of transferring Smart Pricer’s dynamic price updates into Compeso is completely eliminated.
  3. Plug and Play: Finally, thanks to the “Plug and Play” approach, dynamic pricing can be introduced to a new cinema within a matter of days, instead of weeks.

“Cinema managers can focus on setting price strategies in the software’s dashboard, e.g. when new movies are released or competitors change their price structures. All daily operational optimization is carried out automatically by our joint solution,” said Harald Paulus, Compeso owner and CEO. Compeso is one of the leading cinema ticketing (POS) systems in Europe. Installed at over 2’500 screens some of the continent’s biggest cinema chains such as Odeon-UCI, VUE’s Cinemaxx and Cineplex are using the system.

Christian Kluge, Co-founder and CEO of Smart Pricer GmbH, a Berlin based company which is specialized in applying airline-type dynamic pricing in the sports and entertainment industry, said, “Through our cooperation we will be able to reduce onboarding times for new exhibitors wishing to price dynamically from a few weeks to a few days. Daily manual work of putting price updates in the system will disappear completely.”

Going forward both companies may use Compeso’s broad base of ticketing and web-shop data and Smart Pricer’s deep data analytics knowledge to develop further smart applications that provide insights into moviegoers’ behavior and create value for exhibitors.

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