Local Title Kakha Breaks Post-Quarantine Box Office Record in Russia

Kakha (Непосредственно Каха), a Russian-language comedy directed by Victor Shamirov, has achieved the highest opening for any film in Russia since cinemas were allowed to open there in August of this year. According to box office data collected on Monday, November 16, Kakha collected 222 million rubles (approximately $2.8 million) over its opening weekend, surpassing the 182 million rubles ($2.4 million) earned by Tenet in its debut. Kakha‘s opening is the second-highest of the year in Russia, trailing only the March release of Hotel Belgrade.

Kakha debuted the same say as horror comedy Freaky—released by Focus Features in the US—which bowed to 24 million rubles, albeit to 830 screens to Kakha‘s 1,325.

Kakha was originally slated for release on April 1. Tith the Covid-19 pandemic in play, it was finally released in theaters on November 12, the same day legally allowed seating capacity in Russian cinemas was dropped to 25 percent.

Said Paul Heth—executive chairman and CEO of the Karo Group—and Olga Zinyakova, president of Russian exhibitor Karo Cinemas, in a statement:

Kakha is a true revelation for the industry. This film once again demonstrates the unique and dynamic appeal of what a theatrical release can do in creating huge public awareness and excitement around a filmamker’s unique vision.  Prior to its release into cinemas, no one expected that this local comedy, based on the content of a popular Instagram blog, would outperform more successful, high-budget, popular global blockbusters opening weekend.  Watching this film thrive makes us sure that the second weekend will be no less powerful than the first one for this motion picture.”

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