Maccs Launches Mica, a Lower-Cost Distribution Software System for Indie Distributors

Film distribution software developer Maccs — a Vista Group International company — has launched a new, lower-cost system for independent distributors.

Called mica, the system allows distributors to create and manage bookings and terms, automatically generate shipment orders for content and keys, automatically collect box office returns and inform release strategies through comprehensive data analytics. It was built with the latest in cloud-based technologies using a software as a service (SaaS) model that is available anywhere with an internet connection, with an interface optimized for PC, mobile and tablet.

“Maccs has leveraged its 25 years of experience to create mica, a completely new product for independent distributors at an affordable price,” said Maccs CEO George Eyles in a statement. “We’re getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from the customers already using the product. This signals that Maccs is an ardent champion of the independent distributor sector and underscores our commitment to deliver industry-leading solutions to all our customers.”

Mica has already launched in the Netherlands and the USA and will enter other key markets across Europe and Asia through the rest of 2020.

“From a theatrical sales perspective mica has provided a number of efficiencies enabling our teams to book cinema, manage terms, and automate content ordering and box office returns via a single dashboard,” says Miranda Horsmeijer, Sales Manager at The Air in the Netherlands, who is one of mica’s early adopters. “Being cloud-based means, we were able to start using mica immediately with no on-site installation and continue to benefit from the product updates as soon as they’re deployed.”

Eyles added, “Working closely with customers gave us invaluable insight into how best to develop this product. The independent distributor market is a unique and vital part of the movie ecosystem and mica speaks directly to those needs. As VPF (Virtual Print Fee) agreements come to an end there is a growing opportunity for independent distributors to get screen time in cinemas and they will benefit significantly from having a system to manage operations.”

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