National CineMedia Forms Black and Hispanic Cinema Advertising Networks in New Strategic Alliance

Cinema advertising network National CineMedia (NCM) has signed a strategic alliance with NuTime Media, a Black-owned media advertising sales representation company, to better serve marketers looking to reach Black and Hispanic audiences, it was announced today (November 9). Under the partnership, NCM has formed two specialty cinema advertising networks — the Black Cinema Network and Hispanic Cinema Network — in the U.S. to directly serve those demographics.

The alliance will see NuTime representing the national ad sales for the Black Cinema Network — which comprises 393 theaters with over 5,400 screens that boast an estimated audience of 11.4 million consumers monthly – as well as the Hispanic Cinema Network, which includes 449 theaters with over 6,000 screens and an expected audience of 15.4 million consumers monthly.

According to a press release, Black and Hispanic moviegoers made up 16% and 29% of audiences who turned out for the opening weekend of Venom: Let There Be Carnage at NCM network screens, pointing up the substantial buying power of those demographics.

“Black consumers have collectively increased their spending power by 60 percent over the past decade which far outpaces their population growth during the same time period, according to the Video Advertising Bureau,” said NCM Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer Mike Rosen in a statement. “And, Hispanics collectively spend nearly $1 trillion annually on goods and services in the U.S. Marketers who are looking to reach these incredibly valuable groups of consumers will find them at the movies.”

“Tapping into a younger and more diverse audience with superior buying power should be part of any marketer’s media plan today,” added NuTime Media President and CEO Morris McWilliams. “We’re very excited to be working with NCM to offer advertisers the ability to reach these valuable consumers as they attend Hollywood’s top films nationwide.”

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