New Products of CineEurope 2019



Arts Alliance Media’s Producer Circuit Management System (CMS) empowers exhibitor head offices with visibility and control over every screen in their circuit. Connect your theater management system to AAM’s innovative cloud-based CMS to easily diagnose and resolve common issues like schedule conflicts, missing KDMs, and failed content transfers from any device with an internet connection, even on mobile. Providing real-time playback monitoring, drag-and-drop centralized playlist building, and automated KDM delivery all from one intuitive interface, Producer helps cinemas save time and minimize human error. Get your demo at booth 601 and find out how you could schedule thousands of shows in seconds.

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Spaces and Between’s seating brand, Atom Seating, brings innovations to their VIP recliners. Standard features include:

  • Weight sensor mechanism, which allows the recliner to open only when a person is sitting on it, and close if no one is occupying the seat
  • Wireless chargers for compatible phones
  • Two cleaning options: remote open/close mechanism and lift-up mechanism
  • Heat pads for a cozy experience on a cold day 
  • Numerous upholstery material and design options
  • Variety of table tops, cup holders and control options.
  • Daisy chain power connectivity option
  • Five years quality assurance and warranty

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The Christie CP2309-RGB is an entry-level CineLife series 2K cinema projector featuring RealLaser illumination technology that gives exhibitors the latest in solid-state cinema projection at a cost of ownership comparable to xenon. Without an external chiller, this compact, all-in-chassis RGB pure laser projector outputs 8,500 nominal DCI lumens with a contrast of 2000:1 for easy installation in smaller-screen mainstream cinemas. Christie’s RealLaser provides a long-lasting, stable light source for over 30,000 hours of optimal brightness on-screen and is fully sealed for zero dust ingress, making it extremely simple to maintain. It also delivers impeccable image performance with more color and more contrast for an ultrarealistic picture that improves the audience experience.




Lucilla is a brand-new RGB laser lamp specifically designed to replace the traditional xenon bulbs on digital cinema projectors and be affordable. With a power from 8,000 up to 30,000 lumens—scalable for all screen sizes—and 30,000 lifetime hours, it is meant to improve projection quality and reduce operating costs. Lucilla allows energy savings up to 50 percent in comparison with the equivalent xenon lamp; it is designed to be fitted inside the projector (maintaining the original projector footprint) in very few and fast installation steps. Two years of standard warranty is included, while an extension up to seven years is available as an option on both Lucilla and projector.

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The Barco Series 4 platform provides outstanding 4K RGB laser image quality powered by Barco Active Image Management (AIM) technology, a future-proof design that’s 4K 120fps-capable and ready for Barco immersive sound and HDR, ultra-low maintenance, as well as industry-leading Barco EcoPure energy efficiency. Explore the all-new Barco Series 4 projectors from Cinionic at CineEurope.

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4DX provides moviegoers with an immersive, multisensory experience, allowing the audience to connect with movies through motion, vibration, water, wind, snow, lightning, scents, and other special effects that enhance the visuals on-screen. Each 4DX auditorium incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with more than 20 different effects, maximizing the feeling of immersion within the movie, beyond the limits of audio and video. More than 650 Hollywood and local titles have been screened in 4DX.

ScreenX is the world’s first multiprojection system used within a theater setting, marking it as the most visually immersive theater experience of CJ 4DPLEX. ScreenX allows moviegoers to go beyond the frame of the movie screen by utilizing the left and right walls of the theater, creating an immersive, panoramic, 270-degree viewing experience.

Together “4DX with ScreenX” creates a remarkable, one-of-a-kind experience and a natural convergence of two technologies that is rapidly spreading around the world and growing in popularity. The cutting-edge format made Fast Company’s list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies in Live Events for 2019, and won the Silver Edison Award in Media, Visual Communications & Entertainment in 2018. As of May 2019, “4DX with ScreenX” has been installed in five screens around the world, including two screens in South Korea, two in France and one in China. Mexico and Japan’s first “4DX with ScreenX” will open later this year.

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Destiny Seating is launching a variety of innovative cinema seat designs CineEurope. The Lynx Slider seat is a luxury VIP model that offers luxurious comfort with smooth backrest and corresponding seat sliding, either with manual or power adjustment. The Lynx Slider offers the same comfort level as regular recliners but requires regular-size tread spacings with a center-to-center dimension of 665/675mm. Upholstery is available in the finest grades of soft genuine leathers, conforming to BS5852 Crib 5 fire regulation specification, and PU and fabric color/specifications of your choice.

Today, specific cinema halls are dedicated to kids’ cinemas, with regular seats in the back rows for parents’ supervision/viewing. This concept is currently yielding high ticket sales in complexes that have taken the plunge. The highly durable Destiny Kiddies cinema seat offers exceptional comfort and adequate sight line dimensions for children, and is fitted with nylon injection molded cup holders, incorporating easily identifiable seat numbers. Upholstery is available in a variety of vinyl PU colors.

Destiny Seating will also be introducing its innovative Tempur Foam concept at the show.

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DK Audio’s AX5 is an extra-small surround high-end cinema speaker, designed to reproduce surround channels within a 3-D immersive system. AX5 is equipped with a low/medium-frequency 5-inch (12.7cm) loudspeaker and a 1-inch Ferrite high-frequency driver.

The use of a coaxial loudspeaker reduces as much as possible the height of the enclosure and enables a wide, circular, and homogeneous directivity, near 95 degrees.

The AX5 can be augmented with DK Audio’s extra-thin bass reinforcement modules: R212 (17 cm depth) or R15 (34.5 cm depth) or either R18EXP (34 cm depth). This versatile speaker comes with three different enclosures to cover all possible common surround configurations with its included wall-mount bracket. Musicality, precision and dynamics are merged with excellent performance in a tiny form-factor enclosure. This allows DK Audio’s AX5 to easily reproduce the most sophisticated and constraining soundtracks with studio audio quality. Its design and ergonomy fit with immersive 3-D audio whitepapers, and thus offer a minimal height under ceiling, whatever the vertical inclination. AX5 has been designed to fit in any immersive system in small rooms, whatever the distance between the walls or ceiling and the seats. It can be used under balconies in large theaters or in any small room configuration (Dolby Atmos mixing room, premium home cinemas, etc.).

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The award-winning Dolby Cinema Processor CP950 is the newest innovation in Dolby’s lineage of cinema processors. It’s designed with more of the capabilities you want—and less of those you don’t—in a flexible, modular, cost-efficient solution. The CP950 supports their most seamless means of installing Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surround and includes an expansion slot for future upgradability to Dolby Atmos (check with your local sales rep), to deliver the most memorable and creatively accurate sound experience for your guests. Shipping August 1, 2019.




The wing chair began its long ancestry during the 1600s in England. It was originally invented as a comfortable chair option that would prevent drafts in old manor houses from reaching the upper parts of the body, or to protect against the blistering heat of the large open fireplaces that were very popular in the 1600s and 1700s. In Britain, wing chairs were thought of as essential for a comfortable living room or parlor. Victorian writers describing scenes of idealized family life round a blazing hearth often mentioned a fireside chair.

Infinity Seating by EuroGroup UK brings this warm and homey seating to the cinema auditorium with their version of the wing chair, the Rose. The design is customizable, from its dimensions to the fabrics.

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Ezcaray Internacional presents at CineEurope a new range of reclinable VIP seats. Ergonomics, comfort, quality, and resistance, combined with the possibility of manufacturing in different sizes, means that their offer can be adapted to different spaces and combinations. Check out new models Doze and Zero.

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Flexound Augmented Audio combines high-quality audio with physical vibration, creating a unique immersive experience. The patented technology complements current cinema sound systems and is easily integrated into a wide range of seats. The technology offers equal sound quality in every seat independent of seat location. It also improves the clarity of dialogue and enables lower sound volumes in the theater. Augmented audio requires no wearable accessories. 

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In April 2019, GDC expanded its SR Series Standalone IMB product line to include the SR-5400 and SR-6400C, revolutionary media servers designed for advanced cinema imagery. The series won the Catalyst Award for Best New Technology of CinemaCon 2019 for its ultra-reliability and innovative FAST (Flexible Architecture Stable Technology) engineering design featuring the world’s highest bitrate and frame rate. 

The advanced embedded power electronics used in medical and military products makes it possible for enhanced capabilities. The SR-5400 Series is capable of playing DCP content in 4K 3D and 4K@60fps and is compatible with the next-gen DLP Cinema projectors from Barco, Christie and NEC. SR-6400C is capable of groundbreaking playback at 4K 3-D and 4K@120fps, and is compatible with the new Christie projector featuring RealLaser illumination and CineLife+. SR-6400C can also play back 4K@240 fps in 3-D mode with the Cinity Cinema System. 

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The best self-serve solution for popcorn is here! The ReadyServe popcorn dispenser can transform the way you serve popcorn. Consider why a self-serve model may be the best option for you:

  1. Cut down on long lines. Long lines deter customers, meaning you lose potential sales. But a self-serve popcorn machine gives guests the convenience of a grab-and-go snack.
  2. Save on labor. Minimize labor by allowing customers to serve themselves. Your staff will be able to attend to other responsibilities.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction. Customers will appreciate the ability to purchase freshly popped popcorn.
  4. Give guests an experience they can’t find at competitors. A popcorn dispenser is an experience that guests will enjoy.
  5. Receive benefits that managers will appreciate. Popcorn brings many advantages, including low costs, minimal labor, and attractive profit margins.

TheReadyServe is an impressive popcorn display cabinet that offers key benefits to operators. Created for cinemas, the unit features a 48-inch base with a dual auger system, allowing two customers to fill their cups or bags at once. Simply fill the cabinet with popcorn, then individuals can dispense the popcorn using a convenient push-button system. It also includes an integrated butter topping dispenser and eye-catching LED backlit sign. Contact Gold Medal, the global leader in concession equipment and supplies, for more details at 513-769-7676 or

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Jimmy Products is a family business with more than 70 years of expertise. Popcorn professionals since 1992, they make high-quality popcorn under the brand name JIMMY’s. Jimmy Products is constantly innovating its range of ready-to-eat popcorn, nachos, and fresh sauces, adding new flavors and innovations. They support their customers in increasing their turnover and improving their return.

Jimmy believes you can consume popcorn anywhere, but only experience this at the cinema. The perfect partner!

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Lumma offers comprehensive and skilled services for 4D E-Motion’s worldwide implementation: study of feasibility, overhaul of existing auditoriums, development, production, installation, support, and maintenance. Lumma’s synchronization department, based in Los Angeles, works closely with Hollywood studios to program some of their most impressive titles.

4D E-Motion offers high performance and either a full retrofit or gradual incorporation of special effects. It is compatible with all formats and does not require a special DCP. It also offers immediate access from any smart device in real time and is compatible with most projection systems.

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POSitive Cinema is focused on serving the needs of small and medium-sized cinema chains worldwide. It is a complete, fully integrated, scalable, and user-friendly cinema management software. The POSitive Cinema Solution is a comprehensive offering that serves a wide range of needs at an optimal price. Functionality includes ticketing, concessions, restaurant, dine-in, online, mobile, kiosk, digital signage, loyalty, vouchers and gift cards, dashboards and analytics, cash management, group sales, HQ and cinema level management, and more. POSitive version 2.0 has a redesigned architecture based on Microsoft SQL 2017, which provides optimal performance, low system requirements, and minimal system maintenance, resulting in less complexity and reduced costs. Requests for software changes can be delivered quickly, easily and inexpensively.

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Pulz’s AD21300 2 Channel Power Amplifier is designed and built for applications where sonic transparency and robust high-power output capability are the prime criteria.

Built around an oversized classic toroidal power supply and ultra-linear Class AB output stage, AD21300 packs 3500W of continuously deliverable clean audio in a 2U chassis. This is made possible by the innovative Dynamic Power Tracking (DPT) controller, which fluidly adjusts the power supply rails to track the signal. As a result, unwanted power dissipation in the output stages is minimized by almost 80 percent. The amplifier remains relatively cool even when driving the most demanding low-impedance subwoofer loads. This approach is superior to the standard SMPS-based power supplies, which are prone to failures and compromise the sonic purity due to interference. All the components used in the Pulz AD21300 are of the highest standard and from the most reputed manufacturers.

Channel-independent soft clipping, level indicators, sensitivity selection, protection, and high CMRR balanced input stages are additional useful features that make Pulz AD21300 outperform the standard amplifiers currently available. It features high-efficiency DPT technology, a premium heavy-duty toroidal transformer, highly sensitive CMRR balanced input stage, ultra-low-load output capacity and channel-independent power with signal and clip LEDs.

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The new DPA-Q Series amplifiers are four- and eight-channel network amplifiers uniting the QSC legacy of robust power amplifiers, advancements in high-efficiency output devices and native network transport, and the control and monitoring capabilities of the Q-SYS ecosystem. DPA-Q Series amplifiers are fully native components of the Q-SYS audio, video, and control (AV&C) ecosystem. Like all Q-SYS peripherals, DPA-Q Series amplifiers offer simple drag-and-drop integration into a Q-SYS design, enabling network routing, advanced processing (including Intrinsic Correction custom voicings for QSC loudspeakers), and control. This expedites the installation process and provides superior system performance.

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Romus/Gradus is a worldwide leader in LED lighting systems, with international references in the cinema industry. They manufacture and provide LED stair nosings, aisle and floor trim lighting, wall lighting, row indicators, mats, and cover strips.

The new ELAF 5150 is preassembled LED stair nosing with or without integrated row indicator, boasting low voltage and low consumption Continuity effect.

BOOTH: 515 /


The StepGuard system was methodically developed for Light Tape after years of field testing. It allows the manufacturer to not only make the profile but also the light source, resulting in a complete egress lighting solution of tremendous value.

Light Tape, a non-LED, bulb-free illuminating membrane, has over a decade of performance in aerospace and automotive industries, known for demanding reliability and durability in the toughest application environments. StepGuard comes made to measure, ready to plug and play, and can be installed directly to raw step edges or over existing carpet. There is no need to prepare the surface. Power can be remotely located with only one supply to illuminate an entire theater. 

Light Tape itself is heavy-load capable and vibration and impact resistant. The StepGuard System adds a layer of protective armor, allowing it to resist the most extreme conditions expected with modern high-footfall multiplex cinemas. Light Tape also uses 40 percent less power than traditional LEDs at equal brightness. Unlike LEDs, the Light Tape illuminating membrane is designed to never get hot. It will operate for more than 40,000 hours in extreme temperatures. It provides a uniform illumination source with no need for diffusion, and most importantly it throws no light reflection from steps onto the cinema screen.

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TF Creation, specialist in certified fire-retardant fabrics, introduces its new range: Sensitive by Velto. This line of coating fabrics comes in two collections coordinated with the Velto range: Impala (14 colors) and Oryx (8 colors).

 Advantages include:

  • Durability: Martindale is greater than 100,000.
  • Elasticity: Knitted support allows flexibility.
  • Security: Their range is flame-retardant NF P 92503: M2, CA # 117, BS 5852 (Crib 5).

Sensitive by Velto, the luxury touch for your seats.

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Ticket System & Solutions rereleases its new Dolphin.X Version 10, a new generation of ticketing software that points the way toward browser application. The new version is remodeled, simpler to use, and more user-friendly. It also includes new features. This browser-based application has a view in dashboard execution. With the Dolphin, patrons can order concessions from their seats with one click and pay on the spot. The digital signage synchronizes videos and images across multiple monitors. The online booking from Ticket.International has been fully integrated as a voucher shop.

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Ushio continues their drive to bring xenon back to the forefront of cinema technology by releasing the LU-series of digital projector lamps, compatible with leading manufacturers such as Barco and NEC. New lamp models are DXL-30BAF/LU, DXL-40BAF/LU, DXL-60SN/LU, and DXL-65BA/L(U). The new DXL-30BAF/LU takes the operational warranty for a Luminity lamp to 2,200 hours. Luminity benefits from longer life, fewer required lamp replacements, and significantly reduced operating costs. Luminity (LU-series) lamps boast an extended warranty of up to 500 additional hours. 

Writes Ushio Europe’s senior director, Nils Büker: “Luminity significantly reduces cinema overheads. Does this compromise the viewing experience? No. Boosted lumen maintenance means brightness for a longer period of time. Other lamps on the market will fail completely after 1,500 hours, but DXL-40BAF/LU puts 17 percent more light on the screen, with 600 hours on the warranty still! The lifespan alone is already having a vast impact on the profitability of cinema entrepreneurs and audience enjoyment worldwide.”

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Vista Horizon is the next-level real-time business intelligence experience that is here to deliver real-time operational data insights that enable cinemas to make informed decisions faster. Horizon’s three main components—Stream, Store, and Discover—together unveil the full landscape of possibilities within your data. Stream data around a circuit in real time for insights and flash reporting that responds to the moment, finding trends as they unfold and reacting to them now, not retrospectively. Store full (treasure) troves of operational and activity data safe-and-sound and in full detail in the cloud. Discover the possibilities with clear and practical dashboards and self-service analysis tools to dive deep into the insights your data can hold—then use them to build better business outcomes.

Vista has designed and developed digital channels for over a decade, from Vista Web and Mobile to Kiosk. Now Vista is creating its omni-channel offerings as slick and compelling new user journeys that move easily between multiple sales platforms. This means unprecedented, flexible buying choices for moviegoers. Supported by integrated workflows within the Vista Cinema suite, moviegoers can depend on seamless experiences such as food and beverage orders purchased through digital channels sent straight to the kitchen and queued to be made when the timing is right. Digital channels are fully customizable and dynamic, from personalized branding to differentiating your entire user experience with page layouts, changing the order of films, concessions, or offers during booking to drive sales, and—as Vista continues to look to the future—even guest personalization.

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BOOST, a division of Webedia Movie Pro, is a suite of high-performance online ticketing products that helps connect moviegoers and exhibitors directly, especially when finding show times and purchasing tickets. BOOST premium and innovative turnkey digital solutions include: websites, mobile applications, CRM, voice AI integration, and online ticketing solutions for thousands of exhibitors worldwide. In 2018, BOOST products generated over half a billion dollars in box office revenue for theater exhibitors.

Ticketing Solutions

Bringing show times and ticketing services to the forefront of search engines. Through visibility on Google, Bing, IMDB, and Facebook, they help you reclaim your third-party customers and drive online revenue with in-house ticketing platforms.

Website Advantages

Through fully branded websites they create exclusive consumer experiences to drive moviegoer traffic, fan engagement, and most importantly online revenue.

Mobile App

Creating movie ticket sales on the go! They help exhibitors directly market to their core customers through immersive experiences, innovative AMP ticketing, food and beverages, and loyalty programs. 

Smart Email Blasts

Easy-to-use communication tool creates turnkey newsletters and announcements, with highly targeted lists, automated show times, and movie facts.

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