OVERSEAS: ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Soars Past $1 Billion; ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Fires Up $109.4M Day-And-Date Launch; ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Sings Its Way To $100M

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hit the $1 billion global mark on Friday and promptly resumed their box office rampage overseas. Ultron grossed a total of $185 million from 91 territories over the weekend, raising the international tally to $770.5 million.

China has grossed $156.3 million since its Tuesday premiere, making Ultron the second highest grossing 6 day start of all-time. Avengers: Age of Ultron is the #8 industry release of all-time in China with less than a week’s worth of screenings. Avengers: Age of Ultron is nearing the $80 million mark in South Korea, making it the biggest Disney/Marvel release of all-time in the market and the second biggest Western release in history. With $65.8 million, the film is the highest grossing live-action release in the UK sinceSkyfall. Top performers include China ($156.3M), South Korea ($78.9M), UK ($65.8M), Mexico ($43.8M), Brazil ($40.4M), Russia ($32.2M), France ($31M), Australia ($29M), and Germany ($27.9M). Avengers: Age of Ultron is now the 8th highest grossing film of all-time. Disney has released 4 out of the top 8 grossing movies of all-time, three of those being from the Marvel Universe. The Avengers expand to Japan on July 4.

Mad Max: Fury Road roared into theaters worldwide this weekend, enjoying a $109.4 million global day-and-debut with North America. IMAX delivered $4 million from 182 screens in 29 overseas markets, excluding China. The film has grossed a total of $65 million from 68 markets overseas with strong word-of-mouth and a 98% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The top openers include France ($6.8M on 608 screens), UK ($6.7M on 950 screens), South Korea ($6.6M on 799 screens), Russia ($6M on 2,434 screens), Australia ($4.8M on 542 screens), Brazil ($3.9M on 1,008 screens), Mexico ($3M on 1,900 screens), Germany ($2.8M on 784 screens), Spain ($1.3M on 476 screens), and Italy ($1.2M on 555 screens). Mad Max expands to Japan on June 20.

Pitch Perfect 2 hit all the right notes this weekend, adding $26.9 million from 29 markets to raise its overseas tally to $38.1 million and already tracking 174% ahead of the original. The Barden Bellas are up to $108.4 million globally, only $6.6 million away from watching the lifetime worldwide gross of the original. 27 new territories opened this weekend, including #1 results in the UK ($8M at 490 dates), Germany ($4.2M at 546 dates), Philippinnes ($1.9M at 135 dates), and Taiwan ($1.2M at 76 dates). Australia put up a $4.9 million hold, bringing its 11 day total to $14.5 million -passing the original’s $13.3 million lifetime run in the market. Pitch Perfect 2 expands to Hungary, Israel, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Serbia/Montenegro and Spain next weekend.

Furious 7 still has gas left in the tank. The action flick added $6.6 million from 66 territories. The film finished its run in China, where it is the highest grossing film of all time with a $390.5 million total, confidently ahead of North America’s $343.8 million cume. A $1.145 billion overseas total makes it the third highest grossing film of all time outside of North America, while its $1.489 billion global total makes it the fourth highest grossing film of all time worldwide.

Home made another $4.5 million overseas this weekend, bringing its total outside of North America up to $185.5 million. A $1.5 million debut from 91 screens in Venezuela was the weekend’t top highlight as it looks forward to a May 21 release in its final market, South Korea. Home has grossed $348.5 million worldwide.

Cinderella is finishing its theatrical run overseas with style. The live-action fairytale added earned $3.3 million this weekend after another strong hold in Japan, where it only saw a 2% slide. The film has grossed $323.8 million overseas and $521 worldwide. Top performers include China ($71.1M), Japan ($33.7M), and the UK ($30M).

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