Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Partners with U.N. on Global Healthy Food Campaign

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

The United Nations (U.N.), the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the U.N. Foundation have partnered with Sony Pictures’ Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway on a campaign to encourage fans to be “food heroes” by engaging in healthy, sustainable eating practices, it was announced today. The campaign will promote actions including adding more healthy foods to one’s diet, buying at local gardens and farmers markets, reducing food waste and planting gardens.

As part of the campaign, a new public service announcement featuring Peter Rabbit and his onscreen friends has been launched. In addition, the character will help launch the World Food Day poster contest in over 100 countries and appear in a World Food Day activity book.

“It’s an honor that our Peter is working with the United Nations for this worthy cause which will bring awareness to some very important issues that are very dear to Peter’s heart,” said Will Gluck, writer, director and producer of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. “Sustainable food and the environment is at the core of the Peter Rabbit stories so we are really happy that the UN, FAO and the UN Foundation see Peter as an important voice for this important matter.”

“Peter Rabbit is a fun-loving character loved by children and fans worldwide,” added Maher Nasser, Director of Outreach in the United Nations Department of Global Communications. “Peter can help the United Nations reach new and important audiences. His voice is a great way to speak to children and their parents about the importance of healthy eating, buying local produce and other sustainable practices that are important to their health and the health of our planet. We should all aspire to be food heroes.”

“Transforming the way we produce, consume, and think about food is essential in this make-or-break year for our planet,” said Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the UN Foundation. “We are extremely grateful to Sony Pictures for getting Peter Rabbit and his fans to help remind us that we all have a role to play, and that each of us can take action in our own lives as food heroes.”

“FAO celebrates food heroes who help transform our agri-food systems and try to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to enough affordable, nutritious food,” said FAO Director-General QU Dongyu. “We are delighted to have Peter Rabbit and Sony Pictures helping us to have a conversation with children and families about why food heroes are important, so they can learn how to do their part and be food heroes too.”

You can learn more about the campaign at the website and the mobile app and at

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

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