Projection: ‘American Sniper’ Will Pass ‘Hunger Games’ To Become 2014’s Strongest Domestic Earner projects that American Sniper, which received a platform release starting on December 25, 2014, will end up with $360 million-$365 million during its domestic run–an impressive tally that will be more than enough to push Sniper past The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, 2014’s current leader, which has earned $335.7 million since opening last November. (Looking strictly at grosses during the calendar year, Guardians of the Galaxy would be the champ with $328.1 million).

Without adjusting for inflation, director Clint Eastwood’s most successful film before Sniper was Gran Torino with $148.1 million. Unforgiven‘s $101 million tally in 1992 would equal roughly $200 million when adjusting for inflation.

Sniper won’t be the first war movie to achieve this distinction. 1998’s Saving Private Ryan was the most successful domestic earner released that year with $216.3 million, or $373.6 million adjusted.