PVR Cinemas Expands Cinionic 4K Laser Projection Partnership

Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Limited and Wim Buyens, CEO Cinionic. Courtesy of Cinionic

India’s PVR Cinemas announced at CineEurope this week an expanded partnership agreement with Cinionic to power 500 screens over five years with the Barco Series 4 4K laser projection. On completion of the rollout on new and existing screens, PVR will become entirely laser projection.

This announcement continues a long-standing partnership between PVR and Cinionic. Through the expanded agreement with Cinionic, PVR will also benefit from Cinionic’s enhanced services with Cinionic Cloud, a digital platform for managed services through remote connectivity. Cinionic services monitor the health of the projector, predicting service interventions in advance, and minimizing screen downtime.

“PVR is aligned to the Climate Action SDG goal of the United Nations and has committed to lower its emission and reduce its carbon footprint. The Barco Series 4 4K RGB laser projectors is a sustainable investment from PVR as part of its endeavor to make changes in operational practices for reducing emissions and conserve energy for a sustainable future,” said Ajay Bijli, chairman and managing director of PVR Limited

“PVR continues to enhance the theatrical experience for India, offering cinematic excellence and a commitment to a sustainable future,” added Wim Buyens, chief executive officer of Cinionic. “We are proud to expand our strong relationship with PVR to deliver a fully laser-powered theatrical experience. The eco-friendly Barco Series 4 offers audiences across India a greener way to go to the movies.”

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