CinemaNext to Install Samsung 3D Onyx Screen at Cineplexx Vienna



Vienna (Austria) and Seoul (South Korea) – 25 April 2018 / CinemaNext, the European specialist in cinema exhibitor services (Ymagis Group, ISIN: FR0011471291, TICKER: MAGIS, PME-PEA, TECH 40), today announced the signing of an agreement with Austrian cinema circuit Cineplexx (Constantin Film-Holding GmbH) for the installation of a Samsung 3D Onyx CinemaLED at the Cineplexx Wienerberg in Vienna. It will be the first Samsung Onyx CinemaLED deployed by CinemaNext.

“After the successful deployment of the next-generation sound systems at select Cineplexx cinemas and the opening of our 50th cinema site in Parndorf this past March, we are thrilled to once again partner with CinemaNext on our first Samsung CinemaLED Screen. With an emphasis on our pioneering work in terms of new technologies, we are able to set another milestone in Austria. Cineplexx Wienerberg will be the newest flagship within the company by featuring the first Samsung CinemaLED Screen not only in Austria but in the European Union,” comments Christian Langhammer, Owner and Managing Director of Austria’s Constantin Film Group. “It’s a unique opportunity to introduce a next-generation and ground-breaking image technology to moviegoers and offer them exceptional image quality in a comfortable environment. We continue to invest in enhancing the cinematic experience with what unquestionably constitutes a game-changer for our industry.”

“Cineplexx’s Samsung 3D Onyx CinemaLED will boast a screen 10,24m (33.6ft) in width and 5,4m (17.7ft) in height with all visuals shining at ultra-sharp 4K resolution (4,906 x 2,160) coupled with state-of-the-art 7.1 audio technologies from Harman’s JBL Professional Brand,” explains Christof Federle, CinemaNext Regional Manager & Managing Director of CinemaNext Austria. “We expect to complete this project in mid-July in close collaboration with our colleagues in Valencia (Spain), who are in charge of building and assembling the LED complex structure. Featuring nearly 9 million pixels, Samsung’s 3D Onyx CinemaLED delivers exceptional visual quality, technical performance and reliability.”

First introduced in July 2017, Samsung Cinema Screen is a Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI*)-certified cinema display, which amplifies on-screen content through HDR and EclairColor HDR picture quality. It features 4K images with peak brightness levels nearly 10 times greater (146fL) than the common cinema standard (14fL). The resulting high contrast showcases bright colors, pristine whites and deep blacks. Unlike standard 3D cinemas, the Samsung CinemaLED screen provides consistent picture quality across an entire theater, ensuring a uniform, immersive viewing experience for viewers in every seat.

“Samsung is thrilled to open Austria’s first cinema auditorium with 3D Onyx CinemaLED in cooperation with Constantin Film-Holding,” says Sunghan Kim, President of Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH. “With that, the Viennese are among the most innovative cinemagoers, and we hope that we will soon be able to introduce this unique cinematic experience to a greater audience throughout Austria.” .”

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