ScreenX and 4DX Undergo Rapid Global Expansion

CJ 4DPlex emerged from CinemaCon 2018 with deals that will bolster the footprint of its two flagship products: 4DX, the immersive seating technology, and ScreenX, its 270-degree panoramic screen format.

Globally, ScreenX installs rose from 107 to 142 in the past year, a 33 percent increase. ScreenX aims to expand their current global number of screens a further 25 percent by year’s end. More than half of ScreenX screens are currently located in South Korea alone, where the parent company CJ 4DPlex is headquartered.

Domestically, there are currently three ScreenX screens in the U.S., but parent company CJ 4DPlex announced at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last week an expansion plan that will add four more such screens at B&B Theaters locations in the U.S. by 2019. As part of that expansion, the B&B location in Liberty, Missouri will host the world’s largest ScreenX screen.

In terms of content formatted for the 270-degree screen, ScreenX last week announced plans to release five more films with Warner Bros. The three confirmed titles being Aquaman, Shazam!, and The Nun. CJ 4DPLEX has announced it is working on adding more titles through a partnership with Fox, although no confirmed titles have been announced.

Several films have already been re-formatted to play on the wider format, including recent hits such as Black PantherRampage, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

4DX  is on a similar expansion plan. Cineworld announced plans to bring the immersive seating technology to 145 additional locations across its global circuit, including 79 Regal cinema locations. The deal will dramatically alter 4DX’s footprint in the United States, where there are only six locations in operation to date.


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