Severtson Provides Cinema Screens for Ecuador’s New 11-Auditorium Multicines Mall del Rio Guayaquil

Courtesy: Severtson Screens.

Severtson Screens — a company which makes projection screens for the cinema, commercial, pro AV, and home theater markets — has announced that, in conjunction with CES+, it has provided 11 SēVision 3D GX-WA standard perforation screens for Ecuador’s new Multicines Mall del Rio Guayaquil.

Opened on May 22, 2021, it was the only cinema project to be started and developed in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 11-seat auditorium includes a 4D E-Motion + 3D screen as well as a PLF (premium large format) screen. Severtson’s screens at the location range in sizes from 14.25ft x 25.5ft up to 35.25ft x 65.3ft.

For this installation, the SēVision 3D GX-WA standard perf screens were shipped rolled. Like all Severtson projection materials, SēVision 3D GX-WA can be folded without any damage to the projection surface, allowing it to be transported in a smaller crate and at a fraction of the cost.

“This is a very exciting project, and our enhanced SēVision 3D GX-WA projection screens are a brilliant example of Severtson Screens’ continued quest for quality, improvement, and innovation, making it the ideal screen for Multicines Mall del Rio Guayaquil,” Severtson Corp. President and CEO Toby Severtson said in a press release.

“We wanted to provide our customers with the best moviegoing experience possible, and Severtson has provided the ideal screens for our new location,” Multicines CEO Gonzalo Lopez added. “We needed screens in varying sizes and gains, and Severtson was able to supply everything to our exact needs and specifications. And the final products’ visual and audio qualities have surpassed our expectations.”

Courtesy: Severtson Screens.

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