Sharp NEC Display Solutions’ NC1202L Laser Light Source Projector Now Available

Image Courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions

Sharp NEC Display Solutions announced today that its NC1202L laser light source projector, a new addition to its digital cinema projection series, is now available.

Designed specifically for smaller screens at 7,000 lumens, the NC1202L boasts a built-in laser light source that provides approximately 50,000 hours of expected usage (under normal usage conditions and not constituting the warranty period), with no need for lamp replacement and eco-friendly power consumption. It also includes high frame rate (HFR) capability, 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality and is bright enough to display 14 feet-L on screens up to 39.4 feet in DCI color. It can also play 3D content.

The NC1202L projector additionally features dust protection with NEC’s patented heat exchanger, along with a newly developed and sealed optical engine. With no exhaust system required, this projector is also suitable for both floor and ceiling installation.

“The new NC1202L, an upgraded model from its previous generation, is the latest and greatest projector for the small screen market with exceptional picture quality and color rendition,” said Rich McPherson, Senior Product Manager for Sharp NEC Display Solutions, in a statement. “This digital cinema projector provides overall, better picture quality in a completely self-contained dust proof system, without the need for external cooling and maintaining a quiet atmosphere. This projector creates the immersive experience that audiences are seeking when returning to the theater this summer.”

Image Courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions
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