Showcase Cinemas Invites Moviegoers to The Day the Music Died

Courtesy Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinemas is inviting moviegoers to say ‘bye-bye’ to the secrets behind the song American Pie with July 14th & July 17th screenings of The Day the Music Died: The Story of Don Mclean’s American Pie, before the documentary releases July 19th on Paramount+.

For the first time, Don McLean reveals the deeper narrative beyond the catchy tune and characters mentioned in the song’s cryptic verses. In addition, the documentary highlights cultural moments in America’s history that are as relevant now as they were in 1971, when the song was released. The film tells stories of the people who were a part of this moment from the beginning, and shows the point of view of a new generation of artists who are motivated by the same values and ideas that inspired the song’s creation. The documentary will also have a special Academy qualifying run in New York City and Los Angeles starting on July 8th.

“This documentary is something that will make people think, especially since so many throughout the years have asked me what certain lyrics meant or whom I was referring to, but now I finally can solve many of those mysteries,” says McLean. “Everyone from Madonna to Garth Brooks to Weird Al Yankovic has recorded American Pie and made it their own. So many people have their own interpretation of the song, and I love it.”

“There are interchanges with all stripes of people from many walks of life, including major celebrities, music icons, current breaking artists and industry leaders,” said producer Spencer Proffer. “The film explores what American Pie meant to people then, what it means to them now and what it will mean to generations in the future.”

The event will be presented in select movie theaters around the country. For a complete list of theater locations and showtimes, visit the Showcase Cinemas website

Courtesy Showcase Cinemas

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