Showplace Entertainment Upgrades 39 Screens at Three Locations with GDC SR-1000 Projection Systems

Image Courtesy of GDC Technology

Showplace Entertainment has deployed GDC’s SR-1000 Standalone Integrated Media Block to playback movie and surround sound at three locations in Indiana.

Showplace Cinemas North and Showplace Cinemas East are in Evansville, Indiana, featuring nine and 20 screens respectively. Showplace Cinemas Newburgh in Newburgh, Indiana features 10 screens. All three cinemas were recently remodeled, including the installation by Strong Technical Services of the latest all-RGB laser projection powered by GDC SR-1000, with a built-in cinema audio processor to playback content in 7.1 surround sound.

The SR-1000’s built-in cinema audio processor option is designed to reduce the cost associated with booth operations and offer the capability to provide superior sound designed for 5.1 and 7.1 PCM uncompressed surround sound functionality. The SR-1000 with built-in cinema audio processor is the only solution currently available that supports series 1, 2, 3 and 4 DLP Cinema projectors.

“Showplace is committed to always installing the most innovative technologies. We have been GDC customers for many years and have always been satisfied with their products and response time from their customer service,” North Park Cinema, Inc. Showplace Cinemas’ President Mick Stieler said in a press release. “We needed to purchase sound processors for these remodeling projects and were excited that GDC offered a new audio option with their media servers.”

“SR-1000 were developed from our over 20-year knowledge of digital cinema and constantly working with our industry partners, such as Showplace Entertainment,” GDC Technology USA LLC President Annie Wang added. “The installation of our newest products at their three locations provides them with the latest technology, reducing costs and delivering the best possible sight and sound designed for today’s and tomorrow’s digital cinema world.”

Image Courtesy of GDC Technology

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