Strong Technical Services Introduces BrightNight Preview and Northview Products

Projection equipment sales, engineering, and services provider Strong Technical Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ballantyne Strong, Inc., introduces two new BrightNight products, Preview and Northview, to support exhibition and commercial portable entertainment.

“The introduction of the BrightNight Preview and Northview products allow our customers to create an outdoor entertainment event with ease using Strong Technical Services’ integrated technology, product, and support solutions,” said Blake Titman, Vice President and General Manager of Strong Technical Services. “BrightNight Preview is a portable projection package that can even support live streaming. Northview is a complete portable screen package that can be custom manufactured in premium- large format sizes, colors, and incorporate customer branding while utilizing our own theatrical grade MDI screens. With setup and support from our nationwide field service team, Preview and Northview are an unmatched solution for our customers at an extremely competitive price.”

“Through our BrightNight program we have been able to create temporary drive-in cinemas across the country,” added Ray Boegner, President, Strong Entertainment. “We have completed 12 drive-in cinemas to date, and Strong Technical Services is working on over 20 additional projects. The introduction of BrightNight Preview and Northview further streamlines what can be a daunting process for our customers. Strong Technical Services enjoys working on these challenges and solving them with the innovative Preview and Northview products.”

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