The Boxoffice Company Launches Beem Co-Watching Platform for Cinemas

Attend the Beem launch event at

The Boxoffice Company has announced the launch of a new co-watching platform, Beem, giving cinemas a way to connect with moviegoers and earn revenue through online events.

Beem offers cinemas the ability to curate, control, market, and schedule planned events—setting it apart from a standard streaming service—and lets customers interact in real time with presenters and each other. Beem’s features include live chat for fan engagement, live streaming with directors or cast, and the ability to fundraise for one’s cinema or chosen charities.

Those interested in more information on Beem can attend the platform’s launch session, taking place on Wednesday, March 17 at 3PM GMT.

Mihai Crasneanu, Founder and CEO of Beem, says: “We are the first live events platform on the market focused on audio-visual content, developed in the U.S. and Europe by seasoned tech executives and entrepreneurs of video technology and content delivery. The service combines DRM-protected video transmission, live cameras, virtual projection rooms, social media elements, planning and management of live events, and an international payment system, all integrated in one place.”

Crasneanu continues: “Beem solves today’s digital chaos and brings a live experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

The Boxoffice Company Stan Ruszkowski adds: “The major challenges of the past 12 twelve months have encouraged us to imagine new online revenue streams for the theatrical industry. This is why we are excited to partner with Beem, the service that  offers our movie theatre partners a unique opportunity to broaden their experience by including virtual screenings for their customers. We are committed to working with our movie theater partners to enable them to stay connected with their customers while still offering communal experiences.”

Disclaimer: The Boxoffice Company is the parent company of Boxoffice Pro.

Attend the Beem launch event at

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