Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG) Partners with Cinionic to Expedite Adoption of Laser in North America

Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG), a technology and professional services company based out of Orange County, California, has partnered with Cinionic—the joint partnership of Barco, CGS, and ALPD—to provide their Laser Light Upgrade Kits for cinema projectors to theater operators across North America.

The Laser Light Upgrade Kit now offers upgrades for Christie’s xenon Series 2 projectors, retrofitting them with Cinionic’s laser projection technology. The installation of the Upgrade Kit can be done in the field in a matter of hours.

“We’re convinced that the laser solutions from Cinionic will refresh and improve the performance of DLP Cinema projection systems, prolong a projector’s lifespan, reduce power consumption and eliminate the administrative burden and expense that comes with purchasing and managing lamps,” said TEG Partner Tom Schwartz.

Added Wim Buyens, CEO of Cinioic: “Cinionic remains committed to finding new and innovative ways to support the whole exhibition community as it prepares for the future of moviegoing. Our Laser Light Upgrade Kits offer theaters an accessible option for rapidly enhancing the cinema experience for their moviegoers, by providing brighter, better picture quality that remains consistent over time. With TEG, laser projection is a possibility for more theaters than ever before.”

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