Twitter Futures: ‘Ghostbusters’ In Control

Friday Morning Update: After four second place finishes in a row Ghostbusters finally took over the top spot this past week with a mammoth 236,107 tweets. That makes six weeks in a row that it was in either the top or second spot on the weekly list. Buzz has been steadily rising as its release approaches and Sony/Columbia have done a great job adding fuel to the fire by their marketing strategy. I believe the use of the original Ghostbusters to endorse the new film has also gone a long way to start to change some people’s impressions of the film. The sentiment continues to improve over where it was initially and though still not great its approaching average which is a far cry from where it began.

Finding Dory dropped to second in its last week on the chart, but its still easily the most talked about animated/family film of the year so far. By comparison, Jungle Book had 49,335 tweets the same week before its release and Zootopia had 164,340. We are predicting that the film is going to re-write the opening weekend record for animated films, a 9 year old mark that is currently held by Shrek The Third and its $121.6 million opening weekend way back in 2007. That is one of the oldest standing genre records and the fact that its finally looking to fall shows the power of Pixar and the original Finding Nemo. How long before we have Finding Crush?

Suicide Squad continued its run of consecutive top 10 finishes with its 24th straight, and seventh above 100,000 tweets since being added to our tracking last Summer. Aiming to be The Guardians Of The Galaxy of 2016 and be the tail that wags the summer dog, it has lit up Twitter for close to a year now.

Beauty And The Beast continues to show just how much of a draw it presents as the trailer buzz from its first teaser trailer a couple of weeks ago continues to allow it to be a significant force on the weekly charts. After the huge success that was Cinderella last year it would appear as though this is going to follow in its footsteps and have a very profitable run both in theaters and with its product tie-ins and merchandising.

Twitter Top 10 Movies for the week of June 3 to June 9

Date Movie Tweets Rank Change
7/15/16 Ghostbusters (2016) 236,107 1 (+1) 40.97%
6/17/16 Finding Dory 224,902 2 (-1) -33.29%
8/05/16 Suicide Squad 109,381 3 (-) 9.79%
3/17/17 Beauty and the Beast (2017) 29,727 4 (-) -33.72%
12/16/16 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 22,616 5 (+2) -17.31%
11/23/16 Moana 17,832 6 (+36) 1591.84%
11/04/16 Doctor Strange 14,988 7 (+10) 241.80%
1/06/17 Amityville: The Awakening 12,592 8 (+25) 629.13%
6/24/16 Independence Day: Resurgence 9,491 9 (+6) 25.21%
6/29/16 The Shallows 8,583 10 (+8) 104.21%
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