UNIC’s Executive Leadership Joins Boxoffice Pro LIVE Sessions in Partnership with CineEurope

Tuesday, April 14. 
8:00AM PT / 11:00AM ET / 4:00PM LONDON / 5:00PM PARIS & MADRID

Phil Clapp – President, UNIC – CEO, UK Cinema Association (UK)
Laura Houlgatte – CEO, UNIC
Jaime Tarrazon – Senior Vice-President & Treasurer, UNIC – Federación de Cines de España (Spain)

Sign up for an exclusive Boxoffice Pro LIVE session in partnership with CineEurope featuring Phil Clapp, Laura Houlgatte and Jaime Tarrazon from the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC). 

This live webinar will feature a moderated Q&A session where guests can participate and interact with guests by asking questions, participating in polls, and addressing topics concerning the state of theatrical exhibition. 

Join Boxoffice Pro’s Daniel Loría and Marion Delique as they moderate a discussion with leaders of UNIC on how the European cinema industry is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Click here to sign up to join the event!

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