UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: ‘Ant-Man’ Burrows to $56M in Opening Frame; Homegrown Blockbusters Break Records in China; ‘Jurassic World’ Stampedes to 4th All-Time Globally

It was a explosive week in China as the box office hit a record $183 million in ticket sales from Friday to Sunday and $282 million for the week. Directed by Shrek’s animation supervisor and Shrek The Third’s co-director Raman Hui, Monster Hunt, a live-action/CGI hybrid family flick, grossed a massive $79.7 million over the weekend to take the #1 spot in the Middle Kingdom and overseas this frame and has earned $107.4 million since opening Thursday.


In second place both overseas and at the Chinese box office, Da Peng’s superhero spoof Jianbing Man earned $68.7 million this weekend. The film will open on July 24 in select US cities through Magnum Films.

Minions continued its strong run abroad this weekend grossing $66.1 million from 56 territories for an overseas total of $410.4 million and $625.7 million worldwide. Overseas markets are accounting for 65% of the worldwide gross, up 3% from Despicable Me 2 and up 11% from Despicable Me, and will definitely widen the gap when Minions opens in China sometime later this summer. The animated spin-off will open next weekend in Peru and Portugal.

Ant-Man burrowed into 37 overseas markets day-and-date with North America this weekend, representing about half of its final international footprint, and earned $56.4 million, 23% ahead of Thor and 44% ahead of Captain America: The First Avenger. Combined with NA’s #1 opening of $58.04 million, Marvel’s tiniest superhero grossed $114.4 million worldwide in its first frame.


Top performing territories are the UK/Ireland which came in at #1 with $6.0 million, 28% ahead of the first Captain America, Mexico which took second with $5.6 million on par with Guardians of the Galaxy, Russia with $4.9 million in line with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, France which opened early on Tuesday to take advantage of Bastille Day with $4.0 million, 53% ahead of the first Cap, Australia where Ant-Man took the top spot from Inside Out and grossed $4.0 million, and Brazil with $3.8 million. Other key territories include Taiwan ($3.7 million), Malaysia ($2.8 million), the Philippines ($2.7 million), Thailand ($2.6 million), and Argentina ($1.1 million).


Next weekend will see openings in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, then Netherlands, and Austria. Ant-Man also opens in Italy on August 12, South Korea on September 3, and Japan on September 19.


Chinese animation Monkey King: Hero Is Back continues to surprise and grossed an outstanding $25.7 million this weekend despite heavy competition from Monster Hunt. The locally produced 3D animated action/family adventure film has grossed $75 million to date and is on its way to becoming the highest grossing animated film in Chinese box office history, currently held by Kung Fu Panda 2 with $93.19 million.


Terminator: Genisys opened in 4 Middle East markets this weekend and grossed $21.5 million from 64 international markets, liftings its international cume to $196 million and its global haul to $276.6 million. Paramount’s reboot opened at #1 in the UAE with $1.2 million from 38 locations, 80% ahead of Pacific Rim and 7% above Lucy. Second week holdovers include Japan ($2.8 million/$11.4 million cume), Germany ($1.6 million/$5.9 million), Argentina ($977K/$4.1 million cume), and Spain ($556K/$2.9 million cume). Third week holdovers include South Korea ($2.0 million/$22.7 million cume), UK/Ireland ($1.3 million/$14.4 million cume), Russia ($935K/$21.0 million cume), France ($1.1 million/$8.8 million cume), Brazil ($986K/$10.1 million cume), and Australia ($803K/$9.4 million cume).


Inside Out expanded into Japan, Netherlands, and Spain this weekend and grossed $21.3 million from 48 territories. The Pixar animation has earned $183.8 million overseas and $490.163 million worldwide.


Inside Out opened on top in Spain with $3 million, but at a disappointing #3 in Japan with $3.4 million behind a local animation and a local live-action film. Key territories to date are Mexico ($29.2 million), Australia ($21.1 million), Russia ($18.6 million), France ($18.2 million), South Korea ($14.5 million), Argentina ($14.3 million), Brazil ($11.2 million), Colombia ($6.7 million).


Inside Out will open in the UK/Ireland, Czech Republic, and Hong Kong next weekend.


Jurassic World grossed $12.3 million (-46%) from 63 territories this weekend and continues to topple records, this week passing Marvel’s The Avengers to become the 6th highest-grossing film of all-time at the international box office ($902.3 million) and today passed Furious 7 to become the 4th highest-grossing film of all-time worldwide ($1.513 billion). Japan is the next and final release on August 5.


Ted 2 continues its underwhelming run both at home and abroad, grossing an estimated $7.1 million in 43 territories for an overseas total of $66.2 million and a worldwide cume of $143.5 million. The sequel opens in the Philippines and Thailand next weekend with 18 additional markets opening in the next few months.


Paper Towns opened in 4 additional territories ahead of its North American release bringing the early overseas total to $6.74 million. Australia opened at #4 with $1.53 million on 225 screens, New Zealand bowed with $234K on 58 screens, Argentina with $288K on 82 screens, and Colombia with $179K on 80 screens. Brazil grossed another $1.17 million this weekend for a $4.5 million cume.


Magic Mike XXL danced to $5.4 million over the weekend in 39 territories across ~3,100 screens. The Warner Bros’ sequel has grossed $30.5 million overseas and $89.08 million globally to date. Top territories are UK/Ireland ($8.5 million), Australia ($6.7 million), Holland ($2.0 million), Russia ($1.6 million), Denmark ($1.2 million), Norway ($1.1 million), and France ($1.08 million). Germany opens July 23, Brazil opens July 30, Mexico opens September 18, and Italy opens September 24.


Films with $2 million or less overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Unfriended – $2.7 million/$18.33 million/$50.81 million

The Gallows – $2.2 million/$4.3 million/$22.3 million

Spy – $1.9 million/$120.26 million/$226.86 million

Avengers: Age of Ultron – $1.8 million/$937.5 million/$1.3935 billion

Woman in Gold – $979K/$18.96 million/$52.1 million

Far From The Madding Crowd – $614K/$15.56 million/$27.6 million

Demonic (House of Horror) – $82K/$3.52 million/$3.52 million

Pitch Perfect 2 – $49K/$96.95 million/$280.5 millionWeek_28_Global_Report_Image

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