Vista Cinema Launches Suite of New Products for Cinema Exhibitors


Auckland, NZ and Las Vegas, NV; April 02, 2019 – Vista Entertainment Solutions (Vista Cinema), founding company of Vista Group International (NZX & ASX: VGL), will present a new product set to the exhibition market at CinemaCon 2019.

Vista’s cinema management product categories span Digital Sales Channels, Customer Experience, Cinema Operations and Cinema Enterprise.

Vista Digital Sales Channels – Kiosk, Web and Mobile, for example – will work together to present a seamless omni-channel experience for guests.

Vista’s Customer Experience Manager (CXM) will orchestrate how experiences are being presented across a cinema’s sales channels. Each customer journey is tracked and personalised, providing a contextual experience tailored to each individual guest and converting moviegoers into a returning audience; that means CXM will deliver capability via specific marketing campaigns, customizable reward systems and a network of deep integration – all in a consolidated cinema-centric loyalty system.

Vista’s Operational and Enterprise (Head Office) portfolios also feature brand new functionality and associated benefits.  Vista showcased its new offerings at CinemaCon 2019 including Serve, Vista Horizon and – for the independent exhibitor community – Time and Attendance.

Leon Newnham, CEO of Vista Cinema noted: “I am thrilled to announce the addition of two brand new products to our software suite, which we will be demonstrating to exhibitors at CinemaCon.  Horizon is a game changer in visibility over your cinema’s performance – key insights from your business will be delivered and presented to you in real-time like never before.  Serve is a step-change in our food & beverage capabilities, providing cinemas with unmatched tools to deliver exceptional experiences for their guests.  Our product and development teams have produced outstanding results with both of these new products, and I look forward to sharing further details with our customers in Las Vegas.”


The launch of ‘Serve’, a new cinema operations product for waitstaff, is a dedicated mobile advance ordering application that enables restaurant dining in theatre. Taking food and beverage sales to cinema seats – replacing the need for Point of Sale in the auditorium – Serve is designed as a dedicated operator-driven application for personalized seat service that negates the need for guests to leave their seat.

With Serve waitstaff are armed with upselling opportunities via the application’s prompts, suggestions, and reminders, from add-ons and extra rounds to combos, deals, and more. Taking guest orders from their seat, waitstaff can immediately fire food requests to the kitchen and delivery enables the guest to stay seated; uninterrupted. The inter-connection of Serve with other Vista Cinema software keeps communication between waitstaff and the kitchen clear and up-to-date ensuring the guest experience is silky smooth.

Vista Horizon

Responding to the data-driven opportunities that lie at the finger-tips of cinema exhibitors, the new Vista Horizon is a next-level business intelligence experience delivering real-time operational data insights that enable cinemas to make informed decisions faster.

Horizon’s three main components – StreamStore, and Discover – together unveil the possibilities within operational cinema data. Data can be streamed around a circuit in real-time for insights and flash reporting, responding to the moment, finding trends as they unfold and reacting to them now, rather than retrospectively. Storing full treasure troves of operational and activity data safe-and-sound (and in full detail) in the cloud, exhibitors can discover new possibilities with clear and practical dashboards and self-service analysis tools.

Veezi Time and Attendance

Veezi, engineered by Vista, especially for the small circuit cinema market, will launch the Time and Attendance at CinemaCon 2019. Using the new module, cinema staff can clock on and off, leave comments, digitally record their hours and receive email summaries of their time worked.  Managers can adjust and approve timecards, and for auditing purposes, track any adjustments made. The application is web-based and requires manager permissions to access; cinemas can set up on a dedicated time clock device on-site.

Veezi is also integrating Time and Attendance with Vista Cinema’s MovieTeam, Vista’s cloud-based staff scheduling application.

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