Vista Group International Company Flicks And SVOD Platform Neon Re-sign Premium Streaming Partnership


Flicks, a company of Vista Group International Ltd., and New Zealand SVOD platform Neon today announced a renewed 12-month partnership. The partnership is a content-driven solution which utilizes Flicks’ editorial capabilities and position in the market to promote Neon’s range of TV series. Complementing the articles on Flicks, the partnership also includes ads to amplify awareness of Neon’s tentpole shows as well as priority brand placements across Flicks, positioning Neon as the must-have service for Kiwis.

New Zealand entertainment website allows audiences to find where to watch their next film or TV show. Unsurprisingly, through 2020, the number of users looking for something to stream has grown exponentially. Over the last 12 months Flicks’ streaming audience has grown from 10,000 to 200,000 local monthly uniques, highlighting the large and engaged audience this partnership provides for Neon.

“Because of this partnership, Neon has now overtaken Netflix as the most engaged with streaming service on Flicks. This is a testament to our user growth and the quality of Flicks editorial content supporting Neon titles,” said Flicks CEO, Paul Scantlebury. “It’s awesome to see those results, and we’re stoked to be continuing with Neon and their incredibly strong content.”

Holly Phillips, Neon marketing manager says: “We have some of the best SVOD content on the planet, and we go out of our way to curate the stuff we know Kiwis crave.”

“But that’s all a bit lost if we don’t have respected and engaging ways to remind fans what’s coming up, how worth watching a series may be and that they’d be mad to miss it! That’s where fantastic partners like Flicks come in. We love working with them and we’re stoked to further cement our relationship to the benefit of our very valued Neon customers.”

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