Weekend Box Office: Thor: Love and Thunder Hammers $302M Global Debut

Photo Credits: Disney & Marvel Studios ("Thor: Love and Thunder")

Millions for Mjölnir

Disney and Marvel Studios’ superhero sequel Thor: Love and Thunder lit up the sky with the best opening among all four Thor films: $143M domestic plus $159M overseas, for a $302M global bow.

Domestically, that’s the:

  • #30 opening weekend of all time
  • #12 opening weekend among Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) titles
  • #4 opening weekend of the pandemic era

Both Thunder’s $159M overseas and $302M global figures represent the third-best openings for any Hollywood film of the pandemic era.

In both cases, the only two two titles ranking ahead of it are fellow Marvel Studios releases – Spider-Man: No Way Home ($334.2M overseas / $587.2M global) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ($265M overseas / $450M global).

Domestically, the opening exceeds the franchise’s prior three installments:

  • 2.1x 2011’s Thor ($65.7M)
  • +66% above 2013’s Thor: The Dark World ($85.7M)
  • +16% above 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok ($122.7M)

Compared to other comparable MCU and other superhero titles from the past year, it’s also:

  • -45% behind 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home ($260.1M)
  • -23% below May’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ($187.4M)
  • +6% above March’s DC Comics adaptation The Batman ($134.0M)

In the past few days, it had previously earned the tied-#13 biggest Thursday preview gross of all time, while its Friday marked the #29 single-day gross of all time.

The estimated audience was 60% male. That’s slightly higher than for Black Widow (58%), but slightly lower than for Eternals (61%), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (61%), and Multiverse of Madness (62%).

The audience was also 58% older than 25. That’s higher than for Eternals (47%), Shang-Chi (49%), Black Widow (53%), and Multiverse (57%).

The top five overseas markets to date include:

  • South Korea ($15.3M)
  • U.K. ($14.8M)
  • Australia ($13.8M)
  • Mexico ($11.8M)
  • India ($8.3M)

The Fall of Gru

Universal / Illumination’s animated sequel Minions: The Rise of Gru led last weekend with $107.0M, the #58 opening weekend and #10 animated opening weekend of all time.

This frame, it falls a steep -57% to $45.5M, ranking as the #76 second weekend of all time.

That drop ranks as the steepest among all films in the Despicable Me / Minions franchise:

  • 2010’s Despicable Me (-42%)
  • 2013’s Despicable Me 2 (-48%)
  • 2015’s Minions (-57%)
  • 2017’s Despicable Me 3 (-54%)

Compared to other recent major animated sequels and spinoffs, that’s steeper than:

  • 2019’s Frozen II (-34%, though its second frame fell on Thanksgiving weekend, considerably easing its decline; its third weekend fell -59%)
  • 2016’s Finding Dory (-46%)
  • 2019’s Toy Story 4 (-51%)
  • 2018’s Incredibles 2 (-56%)

However, it’s milder than:

  • April’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (-59%)
  • 2019’s The Lion King (-60%)
  • June’s Lightyear (-64%)

Gru now stands at $210.0M domestic. Through the equivalent point in release, that’s:

  • -2% behind 2015’s Minions ($215.7M)
  • +77% above 2010’s Despicable Me ($118.4M)
  • -8% below 2013’s Despicable Me 2 ($228.3M)
  • +41% above 2017’s Despicable Me 3 ($148.7M)

Overseas its total stands at $189.8M, for $399.8M globally. The film opened in France this weekend with $7.0M, while the top five holdover market totals to date include:

  • Mexico ($22.0M)
  • U.K. ($22.1M)
  • Australia ($20.2M)
  • Germany ($10.3M)
  • Spain ($9.0M)

Still feeling the need for speed

Paramount’s action-adventure sequel Top Gun: Maverick fell -40% to $15.5M.

After debuting with “only” the #40 opening weekend of all time ($126.7M), it’s remained in the top-10 for every subsequent frame:

  • #8 second weekend of all time ($90.0M)
  • #10 third weekend of all time ($51.8M)
  • #3 fourth weekend of all time ($44.6M), behind only American Sniper and Avatar.
  • #4 fifth weekend of all time ($29.6M), behind only American Sniper, Avatar, and Titanic
  • #4 sixth weekend of all time ($25.5M), behind only Avatar, American Sniper, and Frozen.
  • Now the #7 seventh weekend of all time, behind only Avatar, Titanic, Home Alone, American Sniper, Frozen, and Gran Torino.

Domestically, Maverick is the highest-grossing film of 2022 so far, despite debuting with a lower opening weekend than Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Batman, Jurassic World: Dominion, and now also Thor: Love and Thunder.

Maverick has now earned $597.4M domestic, $586.2M overseas, and $1.18B globally. That’s the biggest global total of 2022 so far, including Chinese films.

It also means 50.4% of its global earnings have come domestically, a rare feat in this day and age for a film at this level, helped because the film has not been released in China.

The top five overseas market totals include:

  • U.K. ($87.9M)

  • Japan ($63.2M)

  • Australia ($55.0M)

  • France ($44.7M)

  • South Korea ($37.8M)

Can’t help falling (at the box office)

Warner Bros.’ Elvis Presley biopic Elvis debuted on top two weekends ago with $31.2M, on the lower end of pre-release projections though still first place.

In its sophomore frame it wasn’t exactly a heartbreak hotel, falling a relatively decent -41%.

Now in its third weekend, Elvis declines -40% to $11.0M.

It’s now earned $91.1M total. Through the equivalent point in release, that’s above several comparable films:

  • 4.6x ahead of 2021’s Respect ($19.7M)
  • 3.8x ahead of 2021’s fellow ‘50s-set musical West Side Story ($23.9M)
  • +88% ahead of 2019’s Yesterday about the Beatles ($48.2M)
  • +73% ahead of 2004’s Ray about Ray Charles ($52.5M)
  • +36% ahead of 2019’s Rocketman ($66.7M)
  • +33% ahead of 2005’s Walk the Line about Johnny Cash ($68.2M)

However, it’s also behind:

  • -20% behind director Baz Luhrmann’s previous theatrical release, 2013’s The Great Gatsby ($114.2M)
  • -29% behind 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody ($128.2M)
  • -30% behind 2015’s Straight Outta Compton ($134.0M)

The film has now earned $64.0M overseas, for $155.1M globally. Overseas, it fell -44% in holdover markets this weekend, after declining an impressively mild -28% in holdover markets last frame.

The top five overseas market totals include:

  • U.K. ($16.9M)
  • Australia ($14.8M)
  • France ($5.0M)
  • Germany ($3.1M)
  • Japan ($2.6M)

Dinosaurs and more

Since its large debut last month, Universal’s sci-fi thriller sequel Jurassic World: Dominion has been falling fairly fast. This frame is no exception, dropping -49% to $8.4M.

For context, it earned the:

  • #29 opening weekend of all time

  • #39 second weekend of all time

  • #81 third weekend of all time

  • In its fourth weekend, last frame, it dropped out of the top 100.

  • Ditto for this weekend, its fifth.

It’s now earned $350.3M domestically. Through the same point in release, that’s -8% behind Fallen Kingdom ($384.1M) and -40% behind Jurassic World ($590.6M). 

Dominion has also earned $526.1M overseas for a $874.6M global haul. The top five overseas markets include:

  • China ($143.9M)

  • Mexico ($42.3M)

  • U.K. ($38.7M)

  • France ($25.5M)

  • Australia ($23.5M)

‘All’ in the family

A24’s sci-fi comedy Everything Everywhere All at Once has now earned $67.6M, extending its lead as the biggest film in the history of indie distributor A24. That’s ahead of A24’s:

  • 2019’s Uncut Gems ($50.0M)
  • 2017’s Lady Bird ($48.9M)
  • 2018’s Hereditary ($44.0M)

It finally falls out of the top 10, tentatively ranking in 11th place, only $4,000 behind Bleecker Street’s Mr. Malcolm’s List in 10th place.

Assuming that stands when Monday actuals released – and also assuming it doesn’t reenter the top 10 – Everything will have spent an incredibly impressive 14 weekends in the box office top 10. That’s despite only attaining a max weekend rank of #4.

Weekend comparisons

Total box office this weekend came in around $235.6M, which is:

  • +23% above last weekend’s total ($190.1M), when Minions: The Rise of Gru led with $107.0M.
  • 3.4x the equivalent weekend in 2021 ($69.0M), when F9 led for a second consecutive frame with $23.0M.
  • +28% above the equivalent weekend in the last pre-pandemic year 2019 ($183.8M), when Spider-Man: Far from Home led with $92.5M after debuting the prior Tuesday.

YTD comparisons

Year-to-date box office stands around $4.21B. That’s:

  • 3.42x this same point in the pandemic recovery year of 2021 ($1.23B), down from 3.56x after last weekend.
  • -30.2% behind this same point in 2019, the last pre-pandemic year ($6.03B), up from -31.7% last weekend. This marks the highest YTD standing versus 2019 attained so far this year.

Top distributors

Paramount still leads by a considerable margin:

  1. Paramount ($1.03B)
  2. Universal ($883.5M)
  3. Disney ($673.0M)
  4. Warner Bros. ($567.4M)
  5. Sony Pictures ($487.8M)

Sunday’s Studio Weekend Estimates:

Title  Estimated weekend  % change Locations Location change Average  Total  Weekend Distributor
Thor: Love and Thunder $143,000,000   4,375   $32,686 $143,000,000 1 Walt Disney
Minions: The Rise of Gru $45,550,000 -57% 4,427 36 $10,289 $210,078,580 2 Universal
Top Gun: Maverick $15,500,000 -40% 3,513 -330 $4,412 $597,406,113 7 Paramount
Elvis $11,000,000 -40% 3,714 -218 $2,962 $91,122,702 3 Warner Bros.
Jurassic World: Dominion $8,410,000 -49% 3,251 -550 $2,587 $350,325,830 5 Universal
The Black Phone $7,660,000 -37% 2,559 -597 $2,993 $62,312,410 3 Universal
Lightyear $2,900,000 -55% 2,090 -1,710 $1,388 $112,322,200 4 Walt Disney
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On $340,000 30% 48 26 $7,083 $963,416 3 A24
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness $262,000 -37% 140 -450 $1,871 $411,062,441 10 Walt Disney
Mr. Malcolm’s List $245,416 -70% 1,057 -327 $232 $1,638,979 2 Bleecker Street
Everything Everywhere All At Once $241,188 -56% 286 -321 $843 $67,632,747 16 A24
The Bad Guys $232,000 24% 318 -217 $730 $96,369,975 12 Universal
The Bob’s Burgers Movie $165,000 -17% 200 -75 $825 $31,778,589 7 20th Century Studios
Official Competition $102,000 -30% 166 -7 $614 $458,253 4 IFC Films
Both Sides of the Blade $25,000   4   $6,250 $25,000 1 IFC Films
Fire of Love $22,328   3   $7,443 $40,686 1 Neon
Mad God $19,000 -49% 25 -12 $760 $215,737 5 Shudder
Murina $6,702   1   $6,702 $6,702 1 Kino Lorber
Photo Credits: Disney & Marvel Studios ("Thor: Love and Thunder")
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