AMC Theatres and Cinionic Announce Los Angeles Laser Upgrades

AMC Theatres announced today that Los Angeles will be the first market upgraded with ‘Laser at AMC’ projection technology from Cinionic at nearly all AMC locations. This marks AMC’s first extensive projector upgrade since the transition to digital. AMC Burbank 16, AMC Burbank 8 and AMC Burbank 6 are now fully enabled with laser projection technology from Cinionic. Over the next several months, most AMC locations in the Los Angeles area will be fully upgraded. The initiative is the result of an agreement between AMC and Cinionic to upgrade 3,500 auditoriums throughout the United States to laser projection. The move offers a more environmentally friendly way to present movies, including the elimination of replacing xenon bulbs and an energy reduction.

“The completion of a full upgrade to laser projection at AMC Burbank 16, AMC Burbank 8 and AMC Burbank 6 represents a crucial first step as we begin introducing this new theater upgrade, powered by Cinionic, at most of our screens in the greater Los Angeles area over the next few months and thousands of our screens around the United States over the next few years,” said Cynthia Pierce, the senior vice president of design & construction, facilities, sight & sound at AMC. “It’s an exciting development for movie-lovers as we move into the next evolution of on-screen presentation at AMC.”

“Whenever you see laser projection by Cinionic, you can expect brighter, sharper, and more vivid colors every time you go to the movies,” added Wim Buyens, the chief executive officer of Cinionic. “We are committed to exceptional cinema experiences, and together with AMC, we are raising the bar for audiences across LA and beyond.”

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