Arts Alliance Media and Digital Cinema United Launch Combined TMS and eDelivery Solution in South Africa


Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and support services, have announced a strategic partnership with Digital Cinema United (DCU), a leading worldwide content and technical services company specialising in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) production and delivery services, to deploy a combined Theater Management System (TMS) and eDelivery solution.

Catering to both multi-territory and local distribution, DCU’s delivery solutions enable studios to self-distribute content throughout their trusted global network. After successful deployment across South African circuits, exhibitors can now electronically receive DCPs directly to their TMS servers, with AAM’s Screenwriter fully integrated with DCU’s eDelivery system, DCU Connect. This synergistic partnership reaffirms AAM’s and DCU’s commitment to continue building operational efficiencies for exhibitors globally.

“It’s very important for DCU to continue bringing value to exhibitor partners around the world and partnering with a company like Arts Alliance to integrate with theaters was a no brainer for us.” said DCU CEO Alan Christensen. “AAM are the industry leader in exhibitor software services and we are pleased to bridge the gap between distribution and exhibition with this complimentary service model.”

Screenwriter remains the most powerful, widely deployed TMS in the world, managing over 45,000 screens worldwide. Responsible for scheduling features, trailers, and advertisements, monitoring screens and controlling playback, Screenwriter provides exhibitors with comprehensive content management from one central hub within each theatre.

Over the past year, DCU has aggressively deployed its DCU Connect eDelivery system to exhibitors, which was developed to allow for fast and easy installation at theaters using existing infrastructure and maintaining top tier security measures through delivery.  The rollout of DCU Connect, which is now installed at over 1,800 sites across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean, and U.S., offers distributors and content owners a robust and more cost-effective way to deliver DCP content to theaters.

Emily Ng, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Arts Alliance Media, explained, “by working in tandem with DCU’s eDelivery system, Screenwriter customers can now receive DCPs directly to their TMS servers using DCU distributors, meaning they will no longer need to manually manage hard drives on site. Arts Alliance Media will continue to work with all players in the cinema industry to harness the potential of digital technology.”

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