Arts Alliance Media and Timewaying Unveil Europe’s First HeyLED Installation at Romania’s Inspire Cinema

Courtesy of Arts Alliance Media

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Timewaying Technology Co. Ltd have announced the first HeyLED cinema screen installation in Europe at Romania’s Inspire Cinema. Local audiences can look forward to the immersive, DCI-certified HeyLED LA2K-10 cinema screen, measuring 10m in width and 5.5m in height. The technology was installed at the Electroputere Mall in Craiova, Romania by VISUA, which is part of the VueAV Group and an integrator of professional AV and cinema technologies to Central and Eastern Europe. Inspire Cinema will officially open their high-performance HeyLED VIP auditorium, featuring the Christie VIVE audio 7.1 sound system, to moviegoers at the grand opening on June 21st.

HeyLED offers an ultra-wide brightness range up to 300 nits, 30,000:1 contrast ratio and 16-bit greyscale, combined with a DCI-P3 color gamut and patented 75% high pixel fill rate optics technology to refine on-screen images and reduce eye fatigue. With the ability to play non-DCI compliant private hire content, Inspire Cinema will also capitalize on HeyLED’s versatility in application, facilitating additional revenue-generating opportunities. To date, HeyLED has successfully completed over 20 projects worldwide, including four 20-meter wide PLFs.

“We are always analyzing market trends and studying new technologies to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible movie-going experience,” explained Adrian Cojocaru, the chief operating officer of Inspire Cinema. “Upon first viewing at AAM’s 2023 Tech Tour, I was deeply impressed by its immersive capabilities and am proud to represent the first exhibitor in Europe to adopt this pioneering technology.”

Kenny Chow, the chief technology officer at Timewaying, explained, “HeyLED represents a new generation technology that will push the boundaries of cinematic viewing further than ever before. We are delighted to partner with Inspire Cinema as we showcase the unique performance of HeyLED’s patented high pixel fill rate technology and its impact on movie exhibition.”

Dale Miller, a technology consultant for Arts Alliance Media, added, “This momentous HeyLED installation signifies a giant leap for LED in cinema. While presenting further opportunity to maximize box office revenue, HeyLED will add to Inspire Cinema’s exceptional PLF proposition to attract a wider range of moviegoers and deliver immersive experiences.”

Courtesy of Arts Alliance Media
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