Arts Alliance Media Announce Opening of U.S.-Based Subsidiary Company AAM US Incorporated

Image courtesy: AAM US (Arts Alliance Media)

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), which specializes in digital cinema software and services, announced Monday the official opening of its United States based subsidiary company, AAM US Incorporated (AAM Inc.), to support their growing network of exhibitors and cinema integrators across the Americas.

The inception of AAM Inc. will facilitate technical and commercial support to new and existing customers and create a pathway to secure continued growth in the region, progressing AAM’s international expansion strategy.

AAM Inc. will commence operations with a new, dedicated NOC [network operations center] team covering all time zones after significant investment into human resources, providing customer service and knowledge on the US market.

The unveiling of AAM Inc. represents the third major territory in which Arts Alliance Media have established, with an office in China and their international headquarters in London, U.K.

“AAM Inc. symbolizes a natural step in our company’s growth. We’ve listened to our customers’ needs, analyzed market opportunities, and are delighted to create a springboard that can wholly support the Americas,” Arts Alliance Media’s Chief Customer Officer Dale Miller said in a press release. “Our team and suite of solutions are on-hand to rapidly evolve the operations of US exhibition.”

“As we continue to experience considerable growth in the Americas, it’s vital that we create an environment that can sustainably support our partners, drive international coverage, and further expand our footprint throughout the region,” Arts Alliance Media’s General Manager and Chief Financial Officer Alan Bowen added.

Image courtesy: AAM US (Arts Alliance Media)