Barco’s Two New Smart Laser Projectors Allow Large-Screen Cinemas to Benefit from Low TCO


Kortrijk, Belgium, 15 June 2017 – Global leader in cinema technology, Barco, is expanding its laser portfolio with two Smart Laser projectors that provide large cinema screens with up to 33,000 lumens brightness and 2K or 4K resolution. Barco’s Smart Laser projectors free exhibitors from all lamp-related hassle and cost, allowing them to cut costs and simplify their operations. What’s more, they also provide superior image quality. The brand-new DP2K-32BLP and DP4K-32BLP bring Barco’s laser projector range to 15 models in total, the widest laser portfolio in the industry.

“By introducing the DP2K-32BLP and DP4K-32BLP projectors with light output levels up to 33,000 lumens, we now provide exhibitors with Smart Laser projectors that are perfect for large cinema screens,” comments Stijn Henderickx, VP Cinema at Barco. “We provide the widest range of DCI-compliant laser-illuminated cinema projectors in the industry, with no fewer than 15 ultra-bright, high-contrast Flagship Laser projectors and cost-effective Smart Laser projectors. We’re driving the adoption of laser projection around the world by enabling exhibitors to tap into the benefits of laser projection – irrespective of their screen size, theater size, or budget.”

Why Smart Laser is a smart choice

DP4K-32B projectorThanks to their energy-efficient design and laser light source, Barco’s Smart Laser projectors provide superior image quality at a more attractive TCO than lamp-based projectors. They free users from all lamp-related costs and maintenance and enable electricity bill savings of up to 50%. Exhibitors can also get rid of the expensive 6,500W Xenon bulbs. Moreover, thanks to Barco’s SmartCare warranty program, exhibitors don’t need to worry about how their projector’s light source output will evolve over time. By offering superior image quality with guaranteed light output, the program provides 10 worry-free years of operation. All of this makes Barco’s Smart Laser range a smart choice when converting to laser-illuminated projection.

Protect your past investment

Exhibitors who already own a 32B Barco Xenon cinema projector can retrofit their current projector to benefit from laser technology, rather than invest in an entirely new model. Thanks to Barco cinema projectors’ renowned modular design, exhibitors can replace their current lamp house with a compact laser phosphor module via an on-site upgrade. This is an accessible way to get rid of expensive Xenon bulbs.

A perfect match for every screen

Laser projection is a true game-changer in the cinema industry. While improving the viewing experience for audiences, it meets exhibitor needs to streamline cinema operations and bring operational and maintenance costs down. And Barco’s extensive portfolio includes a perfect match for every cinema screen. With more than 1,500 installations in the field only a year after their launch, exhibitors all over the world are quickly adopting Barco’s Smart Laser projectors

Come and see them at CineEurope 2017

Join our Smart Laser demos at the CineEurope trade show to discover our brand-new DP2K-32BLP and DP4K-32BLP projectors. You will find Barco at Suite A on the trade show floor in Barcelona, from 20 – 22 June.

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