Boxoffice Giants of Exhibition 2016: #19 – #23

This year’s Global Giants of Exhibition rankings celebrate the progressive restructuring of the global exhibition landscape by acknowledging all of the companies paving the way for the reinvention of the cinema experience. 

Here is a look at the Global Giants of Exhibition Rankings #19 -#23:

Global Giants of Exhibition

#19 – Event Hospitality & Entertainment (Formerly Amalgamated Holdings)

Australia (International)

Dating back to humble roots in 1913, Event Hospitality & Entertainment operates over 1,100 screens under several brands across Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Formerly known as Amalgamated Holdings, Event is currently Australia’s widest-reaching exhibition circuit in terms of screen count.

#20 – Zhejiang Time Cinema

China (Domestic)

A great example of China’s rapidly accelerating exhibition market, Zhejiang Time Cinema’s global stature has gone through rapid growth since the inception of digital cinema. The circuit now operates approximately 1,150 screens in China alone.

#21 – Les Cinémas Gaumont-Pathé

France (International)

France’s top exhibitor reached the 1,000 screen milestone this year. Les Cinémas Gaunt-Pathé has developed its presence through several other European markets, most notably in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

#22 – National Amusements

United States (International)

Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, National Amusements continues to be a major player in global exhibition. The circuit’s U.S. locations are concentrated across the Northeastern United States. National Amusements also boasts an international presence in markets such as the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Brazil.

#23 – Lotte Cinema

South Korea (International)

Established in 1999, Lotte has grown to become one of the largest exhibition circuits in Asia Pacific. With an extensive coverage in its native South Korea, Lotte has grown to become a leading circuit in Vietnam and has plans to expand its reach in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

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