Global Giants of Exhibition 2016: #24 – #30

This year’s Global Giants of Exhibition rankings celebrate the progressive restructuring of the global exhibition landscape by acknowledging all of the companies paving the way for the reinvention of the cinema experience. 

Here is a look at the Global Giants of Exhibition Rankings #24 -#30:

Global Giants of Exhibition


#24 – 21 Cineplex

Indonesia (Domestic)

The largest cinema group in Indonesia has grown the country’s exhibition capabilities since 1987. 21 Cineplex operates more than 800 screens across 35 cities in Indonesia. Cinema technology investments include five IMAX screens, the first opening in 2012, and more recently, the installation of Dolby Atmos in one of its premiere locations.


#25 – Village Roadshow

Australia (International)

The Australian circuit began its exhibition operations in the 1950s, growing into a multi-national powerhouse during the early 2000s. Village Roadshow has since consolidated its presence to Australia, Singapore, and the United States, where it operates more than 700 screens.


#26- Aeon Cinema

Japan (Domestic)

Formed in 1999, Japan’s largest cinema chain operates more than 700 screens in the country. Aeon has significantly invested in innovative cinema experiences over the last several years, particularly in immersive seating capabilities from providers such as D-Box and 4DX.

#27 – Marcus Theatres

United States (Domestic)

The U.S. circuit has grown from a family-owned regional company to one of the most important exhibition chains in the world. Marcus operates nearly 700 screens in the mid-western United States, and has expanded its brand with investments in its own private-label premium large format and recliner seating offerings.

#28 – Major Cineplex

Thailand (International)

Major Cineplex is Thailand’s leading circuit, operating 600 screens at the end of Q3 2015. Formed in 1996, the company has focused in bringing the latest technology into its country’s cinemas –including its highly popular location IMAX locations.

#29 – Cinema Park / Formula Kino

Russia (Domestic)

Cinema Park and Formula Kino are set to join forces this year, with a merger that would create the biggest cinema circuit in Russia at over 500 screens.


#30 – PVR

India (Domestic)

India’s PVR ended 2015 on pace to cross the 500 screen mark by the end of the company’s fiscal year. Dating back to 1997, PVR was one of the pioneers in bringing the multiplex concept to India, and has since to grown to over 100 locations in 46 cities.

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