CES+ Unveils Temperature-Screening Device for Theaters

With shelter-in-place mandates beginning to ease in many parts of the world and more and more hard top theaters reopening their doors, exhibitors are now looking for ways to keep their customers and employees safe. In response to that need, CES+ has released a new tool to screen people for signs of the coronavirus.

On Thursday (June 25), the cinema solutions company announced the launch of the Heatzen Thermal Camera and Monitoring Solution, a temperature-screening device with a web-based integrated alerting system that can instantly send a message to theater staff when a patron registers an elevated temperature. Though targeted for theaters, the device – whose settings can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit – is also being marketed for use in schools, hotels, restaurants, gyms and other public facilities where risk of transmission is high.

“The Heatzen Thermal Camera and Monitoring product will help provide a safer and more secure movie-going experience for customers,” said CES+ product manager Daniela Figueroa in a statement.  “Many movie fans are reluctant to return to the theatre because, quite simply, they are afraid for their health. With the installation of Heatzen at the entrance to the theater, they will certainly be far less anxious about attending.”

The pricetag on the Heatzen is $699, and it comes with a one-year warranty. You can find more information here.