CGR Cinemas Group and Philips Lighting Announcing Collaboration to Develop LightVibes, Delivering a Unique Immersive Movie Experience in Theaters through Connected Light.


  • CGR Cinemas Group and Philips Lighting announcing collaboration to develop LightVibes, delivering a unique immersive movie experience in theaters through connected light.


  • CGR Cinema, the third largest cinema operator in France, bringing unprecedented improvements to movie experience, providing their audience with a unique and total connection to film.
  • Philips Lighting technology delivering compelling ambient surround lighting and video effects to the movie theatre, intensifying the experience and making it ‘feel more real’.
  • Collaboration builds on widespread positive feedback on LightVibes from general audience and cinema industry.

At the occasion of the upcoming international CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas, CGR Cinemas Group, the third largest cinema operator in France, announced today an exclusive collaboration with global lighting leader Philips Lighting, to develop and distribute LightVibes, a breakthrough visual immersion concept for movie theaters.

LightVibes Surround Cinema Lighting transforms the cinema experience by bringing new excitement and impact to feature films, trailers, advertising, event cinema and other on-screen content. Using Philips Luminous Textiles LED panels, Philips Showline LED entertainment projectors and more, this unique visual media system delivers compelling, subtle ambient video and lighting effects to every viewers peripheral field of vision, intensifying the experience and making it feel more real.

CGR Cinemas Group introduced LightVibes on December 14, 2016 in Toulouse-Blagnac (France) as a key-component of their ICE-by-CGR premium Immersive Cinema Experience theater concept. Feedback from general audience and cinema industry partners is consistently positive. The CGR Cinemas Group will now deploy this breakthrough technology in nearly 20 other CGR auditoriums during this year.

LightVibes delivers true immersive cinema that empowers theater owners to expand their business, while opening-up new creative opportunities for film producers. In collaboration with Philips Lighting, CGR Cinemas Group will be the exclusive LightVibes reseller to other cinema operators in France and throughout the world.

ocelyn Bouyssy, Chief Executive Officer of CGR Cinemas Group is proud to develop LightVibes: “The collaboration with Philips Lighting is a new step in the continuous improvements of the cinematic experience. The LightVibes format gives viewers an unparalleled sense of absolute immersion and emotion. It is a real technological revolution, offering moviegoers a total connection with the essential element of cinema: the film.”

Niels Van Duinen, Senior Director of Business Development
at Philips Lighting adds: “We are extremely excited to continue our exploration with Groupe CGR Cinemas, into the world of immersive cinema, and the impact of light on storytelling. We have seen many meaningful innovations in cinema technology, but all focused on sound and projection. With LightVibes we are introducing a powerful cinematographic tool for film makers, while adding a totally new and unexpected dimension to the movie-goers experience, all enabled with connected light. The collaboration of Philips Lighting and Groupe CGR Cinemas will offer the best of both worlds.”

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