CIELO Announces Update to Cinema Platform

CIELO is developing a new and improved look for the company’s cinema platform. CIELO version 6.0 will introduce a new design that includes features developed to improve customer experience and speed. Exhibitors will be able to access important information faster, execute multiple commands within the same view, create tasks, and close issues in one place. CIELO 6.0 also uses visual dashboards to improve visibility and decision-making for exhibitors. CIELO 6.0 will be available early next year and existing customers will be able to upgrade to version 6.0 instantly. The new features are currently in beta testing with plans to expand to all CIELO clients in early 2023.

“CIELO 6.0 is a natural evolution of our design philosophy that is targeted towards improving our exhibitor partners’ efficiency by not only showing them the information they need but allowing them to take action in the same place which aligns with CIELO’s overall mission of reducing operating expenses through efficiency,” said Rick Cabrera, the vice president of product management & technology at CIELO.

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