Cinemark Movie Rewards Members Can Enter to Win Free Popcorn for a Year in National Popcorn Day Promotion

The Cinemark Jacksonville Atlantic North and XD theater. (Photo: Business Wire)

Cinemark will celebrate National Popcorn Day (Wednesday, Jan. 19) by giving its customers a chance to win free popcorn for an entire year.

Today through Jan. 31, members of the Cinemark Movie Rewards program can win an entire year of Cinemark popcorn by entering the “Free Popcorn for a Year” sweepstakes in the Cinemark Rewards Center. Twenty winners will result from this current round, with several other opportunities to come later in the year.  

“Our golden, buttery popcorn is as iconic as our massive silver screens, and we are delighted to celebrate one of the true stars of any movie this National Popcorn Day,” said Phillip Couch, Cinemark executive vice president food & beverage. “Popcorn so truly enhances the moviegoing experience, and we are popping with excitement to give Cinemark Movie Rewards Members the chance to win this delectable treat for an entire year. Whether you like it kettled, salty, buttery or with your favorite candy mixed in, there are countless ways to savor your Cinemark popcorn.”

In a press release, Cinemark notes that the company will also expand its variety popcorn “mix-ins” later this year (current combinations include chocolate and gummies). Upcoming movie-themed popcorn creations will coincide with forthcoming releases including Uncharted, The Batman, Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World: Dominion.

More information on Cinemark’s National Popcorn Day sweepstakes can be found at

The Cinemark Jacksonville Atlantic North and XD theater. (Photo: Business Wire)
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