Cinemark Strikes Deal with Universal on Shortened Theatrical Exclusivity Window

Image courtesy: Cinemark

Cinemark, the third-largest cinema circuit in North America, will be instituting a shortened theatrical exclusivity window for Universal titles. The Texas-based chain is now the second major circuit to announce a shortened window with Universal, following rival AMC’s earlier move to partner with the studio on a similar deal.

Universal and Focus Features titles under Cinemark’s “Dynamic Window” will have exclusive theatrical runs in one of two categories: films that open to more than $50 million at the domestic box office would have a 31-day (5 weekends) exclusivity window at cinemas, while all other titles would only be subject to a 17-day (3 weekends) exclusivity window.

The announcement is a multi-year deal, implying it would be in place even if the Covid-19 pandemic subsides in 2021. As opposed to AMC’s own deal with Universal, Cinemark did not claim a revenue-sharing agreement with titles once they enter the home entertainment market.

“Universal’s century-long partnership with exhibition is rooted in the theatrical experience, and we are more committed than ever for audiences to experience our movies on the big screen,” said Donna Langley, Chairman, UFEG. “Mark Zoradi and the team at Cinemark have been outstanding partners, and Peter Levinsohn [Vice Chairman & Chief Distribution Officer, UFEG] has done a remarkable job on the studio’s behalf in making deals that give us the confidence to release our movies in the marketplace, keep the content pipeline moving, and provide consumers with the optionality that they are looking for.”

“We are extremely pleased to further enhance our strong partnership with Universal as we evolve the exclusive theatrical window,” said Mark Zoradi, Cinemark CEO. “We believe a more dynamic theatrical window, whereby movie theaters continue to provide an event-sized launching platform for films that maximize box office and bolsters the success of subsequent distribution channels, is in the shared best interests of studios, exhibitors and, most importantly, moviegoers.”

Image courtesy: Cinemark

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