Cinemeccanica Appoints Roberto Marabotto as Head of Business Development EMEA

Image courtesy Cinemeccanica


Cinemeccanica has announced the start of a collaboration with Roberto Marabotto, who has joined the cinema technology company as Head of Business Development EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Marabotto has a long experience in the cinema industry, particularly in new technologies and software. He also currently holds the role of VP of sales EMEA with Arts Alliance Media.

Cinemeccanica, entrusting this assignment to Marabotto, continues its development path of the entire Cinemeccanica group, consisting of Cinemeccanica Spa and Cinemeccanica France (based in Milan and Paris, respectively). In hiring Marabotto, the company advances its operations into the EMEA region as a manufacturer of laser RGB light sources (LUX & LUCILLA, Rack or Lamp) for cinema projectors and as a global distributor of brands in the sector and of complete solutions for the cinema market.

“We are particularly happy,” declares Pier Carlo Ottoni, commercial and marketing director of Cinemeccanica, “as Roberto has an in-depth knowledge of local markets and will be able to help us in the promotion, from circuits to ’boutique cinemas,’ of our ‘services all inclusive,’ based on technologies of the highest quality and reliability, with a consolidated brand and able to enhance each cinema in a unique way.”

Image courtesy Cinemeccanica