CineMovida to Open Motion EFX Theatre in France



JULY 10, 2018 – Torrance, CA –  CineMovida announces plans to open a Motion EFX Theatre beginning Spring of 2019. The theatre will be one of eight screens at a new multiplex in Maurepas, part of the new town of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. The location will utilize MMI’s dynamic MX4D Motion EFX seats and will be a featured part of the location.

The highly anticipated theatre will feature 117 MX4D seats. “We are excited to move into a new market and introduce the excitement of MX4D to the region,” said Dan Jamele, Chief Innovation Technology Officer.

The silent, air-driven, pneumatic system offers a thrilling experience that moves beyond the standard theatre with the company’s full range of motion and effects including air blasts, water, scent, and fog. Utilizing its more than 25 years of cutting-edge technology, MMI has been entertaining guests in over 30,000 seats worldwide.

CineMovida selected MX4D as their preferred 4D technology after lengthy research. “4D seats are something quite new in France and we are very proud to work with MX4D,” states Stephan Miché, Secrétaire Général Groupe. “We want to show customers that cinema is evolving and that we will always stay on the cutting edge of entertainment.”

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