Cineplanet, Barco and Bardan first in Peru to install Premium Laser cinema projection


Sacramento, Calif. USA – 12 April 2016 – Barco, the global leader in digital cinema, has teamed up with Bardan Cinema to achieve another industry milestone, becoming the first to deploy a premium laser cinema projector in Peru. Long-time Bardan customer Cineplanet is acquiring the Barco Flagship laser projector for its new 13-screen multiplex at Mall del Sur located in Lima, offering patrons a differentiated, unprecedented premium cinema experience while reaping the rewards of greater operational efficiency.

Cineplanet is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative theater circuits in Latin America, committed to providing its loyal patrons with first-class amenities and superior quality cinematic entertainment delivered by the best technologies. The new Mall del Sur is the largest mall in Peru, viewed as a catalyst for economic growth as the area undergoes a significant redevelopment effort.

With more than 300 screens in Peru and Chile, the majority of which are powered by Barco projectors, Cineplanet is working with Bardan to outfit a number of new theater builds exclusively with Barco’s latest projectors.

“We are excited to begin this new chapter with Barco and Bardan as we strive to provide the best moviegoing experience to our patrons,” comments Fernando Soriano, CEO at Cineplanet. “With our investment in Barco’s top-of-the-line laser projector, we can strongly differentiate our theater to attract an increasingly sophisticated movie audience.”

“Since the completion of the digitalization in the Latin American cinema industry, Cineplanet Peru and Chile have consistently demonstrated a bold innovative spirit and an unwavering dedication to remain at the forefront of entertainment technologies,” comments Vilma Benitez, CEO of Bardan Cinema. “It has long been our pleasure to serve them as they provide their customers with the newest and most exciting advances in cinema, and we are happy to add the ultimate in laser technology experiences to that list: Barco flagship Laser Projectors.”

High-quality cinema experience, low operating costs
Cineplanet is among more than 40 exhibitors in 20+ countries that have selected the Barco DP4K-60L Flagship Laser projector for their Premium Large Format (PLF) auditorium because of its ability to deliver a superior quality movie experience in the most cost-effective manner.

With twice the brightness of any xenon projector, the DP4K-60L is the world’s brightest cinema projector. It offers unprecedented image quality with an exceptional brightness level, increased contrast ratio and vivid colors for a radically improved (3D) movie experience. Geared with the unique Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP), it’s capable of showing 4K content at 60 frames per second and 3D movies in 4K. Fully integrated, the DP4K-60L greatly reduces complexity. It not only frees exhibitors from all lamp-related costs and maintenance, but, thanks to the single projector setup it can also be seamlessly integrated it into their current system. In this way, installation and operation of the projector also becomes easier and downtime is reduced.

From a business perspective, exhibitors can boost their profits by capturing increased revenues from higher ticket prices and increased attendance for PLF showings, while eliminating costs and maintenance associated with lamp-based projectors.

The future of cinema has arrived with Barco
“We are very pleased to work with our cinema partner Bardan to help Cineplanet experience the future of premium cinema today,” comments Stijn Henderickx, Vice President Cinema for Barco. “We anticipate that they will reap great rewards from their investment in Barco Flagship laser. In fact, a recent survey indicated that the majority of participating moviegoers rated Flagship Laser projection 5/5 in image quality, over two thirds of respondents stated that they would go more often to the cinema, and over 75% is prepared to pay a higher ticket price for a movie screened with Flagship Laser.”

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About Cineplanet

Cineplanet is the largest cinema circuit in Peru with a total of 247 screens. They also operate in Chile with a total of 68 screens. Cineplanet is expecting to have 315+ screens by the end of 2016 in both countries combined.

About Bardan Cinema
Founded 40 years ago, Bardan has built a reputation for technical excellence, outstanding customer service and leading product lines, offering cinema exhibitors a turnkey portfolio to build out, enhance and maintain their theaters. The company currently services 1,800 screens across the Americas and Caribbean and also operates its DCinemanoc Network Operations Center, which offers 24/7 comprehensive monitoring and remote support, assuring exhibitors of optimum equipment health and minimum downtime. Bardan has also branched out to other retail, hospitality, commercial, education, healthcare and live entertainment venues to design, integrate and manage complex large-scale digital installations that help bring projects to life. For more information, visit or call (305) 374-9767. Bardan also maintains local phone numbers in most of the countries it serves.

About Barco
Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops networked visualization products for the Entertainment, Enterprise and Healthcare markets. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and APAC. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with 3,300 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.029 billion euro in 2015.

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