Cinionic Crosses 3,000-Unit Milestone with Laser Light Upgrades

Photo courtesy of Cinionic

Cinema technology company Cinionic has crossed a new milestone in laser cinema with commitments for over 3,000 Laser Light Upgrade solutions from theaters around the world.

With Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrade, a Barco Series 2 xenon projector’s light source engine is replaced with laser technology, giving exhibitors a more affordable way to upgrade to laser than buying a new projector. Installed in as little as four hours, the on-site retrofit requires minimal downtime for screens. Today, over 35,000 screens around the world are powered by Laser Projection by Cinionic, with over 50 exhibitors in more than 25 countries choosing Laser Light Upgrades to achieve their renewal ambitions.

“Cinema is in the midst of a technology renewal,” says Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “Audiences have high expectations and theaters are seeking solutions that not only wow, but also make sense from a business and sustainability standpoint. With Laser Light Upgrades, we’re enabling more exhibitors than ever before to move to the leading standard in cinema – Laser Projection by Cinionic.”

Photo courtesy of Cinionic

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